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Line skis...

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They have not made it to Australia yet so I only know about them from what they have on their website.

How long have they been around?
Are their skis any good? In particular the Mothership.

Thanks. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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You might like to go to telemarktips.com and look at the discussion on the Kharu Jak. This is reportedly the same as the coming season's Mothership (but sold as a telemark ski and cheaper) and an improvement on last season's Mothership.

It has been getting rave reviews there and if I can find either one to demo I want to give them a try.

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Last years Mother ship was a great big mtn. plank. But the rest of the Line is very jib specific. They make skis that are great for the park, but sacrifice performance on the rest of the hill. If you get a chance, try to spin a few, or do a couple pipe runs on a pair of Skogens, or 1260s, you will be amazed at what a very centered mount will do. Line is a niche ski, and they don't really try to compete for the rest of the market.
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Only interested in the Mothership. Never go into the pipe and very, very rarely into the park.

Might have to try some out.
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I have no idea how their skis feel, but I know of their background:

Line started several years ago as a skiboard company. Their top-of-the-line skiboards (such as the Mike Nick Pro) were a work of art and almost indestructible under normal use.

Now that skiboarding has lost its charm, they have moved into skis. Their center mount is their trademark and now they have a very innovative binding - compatible with their skis. They are a small outfit, but always seemed to back their product (at least as far as skiboard are concerned).
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Has anyone at all used these skis?
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I rode the mothership for a day last year and it was a fun ski but it is very soft and not the best all mountain ski. I know that this year they made a lot of changes to them and stiffened they up a little but I don't know how much. They also have they new binding system for their skis now which I have not heard any thing about.
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