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What is a sintered base?

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I am not sure what this refers to on a ski. Any info?
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Originally Posted by SkierXMan
I am not sure what this refers to on a ski. Any info?
How the PTex is manufactured. Extruded is the other alternative. Sintered holds wax better and is thus faster. Almost all "better" skis have sintered bases nowaday, I believe.
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Don't know why this is in the instruction forum but a sintered base is a way to make a much hard plastic for the base. Rather than extruding the plastic, taking semi-melted and forcing it thru a hole kinda like playdough toys you had when you were a kid, powdered plastic is placed in a mold and forced together with pressure and heat.

I remembe my skis from the 1970s, every couple days out, I'd be p-texing gouges in the bases; now I almost never p-tex at all. Bases are just a gazillion times harder than the used to be.
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Sintered bases are made of heated powder with some possible ingredients like carbon (silicone, molybdene, fluorocarbons, teflon...). They mostly have molecular density exceding 1,000,000 daltons (the molecular density should be the function of the pressure used – the higher, the "better“ the base). There are more amorphous zones in sintered bases compared to extruded which guarantees better wax absorption. The ingredients further improve the glide in some special conditions.

(Sorry if the info lacks precision. I´m no chemist, just collected the info from various sources and partially had to translate it into English. There must be those knowing better.)
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Base material manufacturing plant.
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When making sintered bases, the plastic is made into a giant drum from which layers are shaved off, leaving the pores open. As has been said, the other process is extruding the bases.
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A great description that I've read was posted in this forum by skidoc a while back in a thread that addressed waxing skis and burnt bases. This is what he said:

"...First price skis generally come wth cheap double sint or extruded bases. Both types of base offer very little wax absorption, but relatively high durablity.
Sintered bases are generally found on mid- price point skis on up. These bases are generally manufactured by a company named IMS in Switzerland for just about all ski manufacturers. They produce molecular density's ranging from 2000(fastest/most fragile/most versatile/most expensive) to 6000(hardest/least porosity/least fragile/least versatile).
Most of you probably have either 2000 or a fairly recent developed Okulen 3000 type bases. 3000 is not as expensive as 2000, but shares many of the same properties regarding glide and versatility..."


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Thanks for the info all. Sorry about posting this in the ski instruction forum first. I wasn't sure if Ski Instruction meant beginner questions or just ski technique.
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