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Rusty tips? K2 Axis

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Hi all,

Picked up my new skis today! Yay! They're a K2 Axis, 174 cm.

However - both tips seem to have a brown rust on the metal edge of the tip of the skis. Is this normal? If not, is it something I should worry about?

These are brand new skis, by the way.

Here's a link to some pics:

rusty ski pics

Maybe I'm just being too picky [img]smile.gif[/img]


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My experience is that the skiis were wet for awhile.

If it looks "deep", send them back.

If just surface rust, use a diamond stone and then file the edge to match the rest of the ski.

At end of the season, wax your skiis to keep the bases from drying out, and let the wax cover the sharpened edges. Keeps moisture away from the edges during the summer months. Loosen your binding settings and spray them.

Goood luck.
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The K2 Mod 7/8's in 174 I have are used for part of a season, and they look nothing like that. If I was shown new skis that looked like that, I wouldn't buy them. To me, "new in the plastic" does not look like that. If you bought them new, bring them back and DEMAND a replacement.
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Wow! I've never seen edge rusting like that. That's not normal looking, it looks like it was in an open field for a month.

I also didn't think the Axis had edges that went up that far. I have Vertigos and the edge ends some distances from the tip.
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I am not an expert but I don't think that the rust that far up on the tips will efect the proformance of the ski.But it sure is ugly looking.If you got a great deal on them then that rust might be the reason why.I am suprised that the shop didn't run a stone over the edge just take care of that rust.Talk it over with the shop where you got them I think they owe you somthing.Maybe you could get a seasons worth of tunes out of them.Keep us posted on what the shop does for you.And your going to love your new K2's.
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Mike , it looks like the skis had been touching something wet. Give them a little rub with steel wool and see if it takes it off , serious rust takes a very long time to show up .
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