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I took an annual sojourn down to Ouray, Colorado the other day. Yes, I usually take a trip down here once a year with my 35 mm camera and a few belongings in tow. This year, it took me a little while longer to take this trip. I know, it is only late June, and the wildflowers are ripe for photography. But, I had a stroke in September of last year. I missed all of the ski season last year, and I had to get training for, and reapply for my driver’s license. It just seemed like a long time since I had been down this way.
Anyway, for those of you who do not know, Ouray is down in Southwestern, Colorado roughly between Durango and Montrose. There are not any ski areas here, although Telluride and Silverton are right around the bend. It is on the North end of Red Mountain Pass (a Colorado Scenic Byway), and it is south of Ridgeway (another neat town). It has yet to see the development of other areas. Albeit, there are a few condos, and natural hot springs etc., but it has not seen the urban sprawl of Vail, Aspen, or Telluride. I love the small-town feel.
I spent one night at a run-down motel (next to the Texaco gas station). The owner was extremely friendly, and it was one of the few places that allowed dogs. I had brought my Westie (my buddy) with me. I did not stay long. I was there only a night. It was all I needed. If I had stayed longer, I would have grown complacent (and much poorer).
I had a prime rib at the Outlaw steakhouse. It was not bad at all, considering that there are very few good restaurants in this part of Colorado. But, I did not come for the food.
I was waited upon by an attractive 40-ish year old woman. I left thinking that this gal could be doing much better financially, if she lived elsewhere. Maybe she worked several jobs to exist down here. Possibly, she had a partner or spouse that did the same. However, her life was filled to the brim with wealth. In a world of movie stars and Wall-Street investors, who make more money than I could ever fathom, it is great to see people who truly live out their dreams.
One of my true reasons for coming down here was photography. I do not consider myself the cream of the crop. However, I understand some of the basic tenets of the craft, like aperature settings, f-stops, shutter-speeds, and the like. I climbed the Dallas Divide (between Ridgeway and Telluride) in my truck just after dawn, and I watched the sunset on the Sneffels range. Some of you may have other settings in mind. Maybe the Himalayas or Andes in South America bring a similar experience. Possibly, it is the Tetons or Mount McKinley. However, the Sneffels range brings me to a sense of awe like no other. It is a religious experience for me, where my closeness to God is small.
Well, maybe it is the altitude, but you get the picture.
I am now home in Denver, and I feel refreshed. I waved goodbye to the San Juans for possibly my final time. I will be moving to Seattle soon. I could be riddled with sadness at how much I will miss Colorado, but I know that I truly enjoyed it here for the time that it was, and I can truly walk away.
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I think you have done everyone here a great favor. We all need to be reminded every now and then, to stop and visit our special places, try to put our lives into prespective and enjoy the simple fact that it is a beautiful place to be. Thanks for sharing...enjoy your new venture. I'm sure you will find the mountains around Seattle just as alluring.
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I was up in Vermont this past Saturday, only for a few hours to mow the grass. Boy are those people lucky. Every time I drive north and cross the state line into VT, I smile.
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"I wish I was a headlight . . . "
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Thanks for posting. With your demonstated capacity for observation and composition, I suspect that you are a very good photographer.
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