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bike wreck on the yough-river trail

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oooch! i broke my radial head, left elbow after a brief flight over my handle bars. the good news is, it's june and barring any unforseen problems i'll be good to go on snow this winter. demerol at the er, vicadin and beer post-er. can't you tell? off to the ortho-pod next week, i can look forward to getting screwed, the elbow i mean.

oooo, i hurt so bad but i don't care,..... where's the vicadin but i wish they would have sent me home with a few hypos of demerol.

excuse me while i pass out, good night.
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Oh No!
I'm so sorry Rob!
I hope that you heal fast and that the pain goes away soon! Pain Sucks, I know!

Well, like you said, it's June(almost July)...You should be set to go by early Dec. Hey, you really don't need your arms to ski you know. I skied a good portion of this season with out my right arm.
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I think vicadin is a codien derivative. Don't mix it with alcohol; it's a bad mix for your liver. I would get some oxycodone instead.
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OUCH! Rob, that Sucks!

I haven't been on the Yough trail yet -- What happened? Which section?

OWIE! - and I agree about the Beer and the Narc mixture - be careful!

Keep us posted.

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Sounds like there's a few Bears down for the Summer. Fast recovery for Winter and careful on mixing medications.
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sorry to hear about it Springhill. MTB riding has the strange propensity for injuring more of its participants than alpine skiing. I think it's because we're higher up off the ground and falls tend to render our arms/hands/shoulders more vulnerable. besides, dirt and rocks are generally firmer than soft snow. OUCH!

heal fast, heal well.
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thanks for the warnings about mixing drugs but pain impairs one's judgment and i ran away from my chaperons to self medicate. i mix only as a first aid procedure and i won't follow up as long term treatment.

where did i crash? why only in the first 1/4 mile of a planned 40 mi. rt from confluence to rookwood.

how? i was being a idiot. it was bad judgment on a tame pitch. too much speed on a blind turn under a bridge, too much front brake when confronted by oncoming bikers at turn's apex. i'm an idiot.

...and this just for the helmet controversy crowd:

obviously i haven’t a brain to protect because i wasn't wearing my helmet. fortunately, my left elbow and wrists took the impact and my handsome, chiseled face was spared.:

it could have been real bad. i was surrounded by concrete asphalt and metal as i sailed through the air at more then a few mph. lucky, damn lucky.

Thanks for the get-well wishes, I’ll keep yunz posted.

and gonz, you betcha I’m tellin’ all da guys dahn at da mill that I crashed during a really macho descent in the wild, not some nancy boy rail trail.:
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Originally Posted by Springhill Crazie
where did i crash? why only in the first 1/4 mile of a planned 40 mi. rt from confluence to rookwood....

and gonz, you betcha I’m tellin’ all da guys dahn at da mill that I crashed during a really macho descent in the wild, not some nancy boy rail trail.:
LOL!!! OH okay....

I HAVE BEEN on that trail then - just not that section. I just assumed that it was some gnarly-descent trail branch and not the trail that "I" can do! Just yankin' yer chain - Yer secret is safe with me ... err.... US!

At least you weren't far from the trailhead though in order to get back and get checked.

There is a PILE of traffic on that trail sometimes --hard not to run into kids....and dogs... and baby strollers.... and old ladies.....

Heal quick!
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i'm just back from the surgeon and he thinks that we should wait and see how things heal. he consulted another ortho and conscensus was not good to attempt to screw or pin now. if it doesn't heal well then surgery to remove or replace later. wow, i guess i really smashed the thing.
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Gatekeepers? I hope these docs have your best interests (not the HMO's) in mind...

Hope you get well soon. Demand the surgical fix if it doesn't fix itself. Doctors (except FRAU) are crooks. Trust 'em as far as you can throw 'em.
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no hmo, pos select blue. burke is pens team doc, bradley is steelers team doc. i think the other ortho consulted is upmc's elbow doc. i thought there was one fracture and pin or screw was in order. doc thinks there are more pieces. either way it promises to be a long haul.
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Ok, you know what's going on. Just make sure they give you the same treatment as the Steelers QB would get if it was his throwing arm! No joke, you're a professional athlete too!
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By the way, excellent restaint on the shift key. Don't use the other hand until PT says to.
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Originally Posted by telerod15
Ok, you know what's going on. Just make sure they give you the same treatment as the Steelers QB would get if it was his throwing arm! No joke, you're a professional athlete too!
after doing some reading i don't know if i'm getting the old guy treatment or if the fracture isn't too bad. both cases the conservative choice is in order.

i don't know, we discussed my job, my lifestyle, i was emphatic that i get on snow this winter. i even asked if i were a 'world class pro', what would be done? he said that i wasn't to which both my wife and i responded that my livelyhood did depend on the use of my arms so.......

i don't know, i've been wodering if it were going to be an open reduction or a scope then to be told to wait see well, it through me a curve.

me thinks opinion 4 is needed. go in clean and see what the doc behind door 4 says.
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Hey, I know nothing about your injury. Just very suspicious of doctors. Get another opinion by all means if doctors aren't making sense vis a vis with what you have learned on our own. My experience is doctors afraid to tell me as much as I already have found out. "Pay on the way out... " But I was uninsured. Chances are the bones will knit, give it time, the doctors will fix it if need be. Lay off the beer, don't go to your job. Hard to do both, but just do it, everything you can to get well...
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i know, i'm just venting and i'm usually skeptical too. the main resaon i see this doc is not just because he and partner are pro team docs, that helps but he was recomended by my trusted pt on basis of best outcomes of patients she's treated.

hey telerod, see you at a local meet on the hill this winter? i sure had a blast at the last mid-atlantic gathering.
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Hate to admit, but it was the best ski day I had last winter. Hell, yeah, I'll be back! See yunz(?) there!
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How do you feel about posting up some x-rays?
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Rob, that sucks!

But next time at least tell us that you were launching air on some steep single track jeez

Heal well, see you on the snow this winter.

Oh and hey, you heard any rumors on 7S? I was told via email from a condo owner up there that a group of 7 investors had bought the place. Nothing solid yet, just wondering if you heard any ramblings?
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i've heard nothing about new ownership but there is a press release online about developing a new expert run on the north face. i've heard nothing about the status of laurel.

how's the golf game?
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I could probably play better right now with your broken elbow
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Originally Posted by Taylormatt
I could probably play better right now with your broken elbow
so you're having that much fun, eh?

hey ghost, i can't fit the x-rays into the scanner but it looks like it's in 3 pieces.

i talked to doc #4 and he thinks the damage is such that it coud go either way; allow it to heal then go pt and see. i could also pin together now with the hope of greater, smoother range of motion. at any rate, i feel clearer about the elbow and not getting the 'old man, less active treatment i'm leaning toward the first course. i'll let it heal as it is, i had good movement right after the break so i'm hoping for the same after pt.
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Yep, *that much* fun.

I saw the article about the "new" expert slope. Not sure it's really new, but what do I know? I *think* they are finally finishing what they started in the Turtleneck/Turtleclaw glades, clearing ground brush and adding the snowmaking that was started last summer. But, they are so vague in the press release...who knows. I think we're going up there Sunday, I'll take the Jeep back there and see what I can spot. But that's where I'm putting my money.

Maybe Springsregular can chime in with some inside info.
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well, it looks like i fractured the wrist too. my ortho went ahead and sent me to the upper extremities guy he consulted with on my first visit. when i went to see him my wrist felt worse then my elbow so, off for an mri.

along with the suspected ligament tears and soft tissue damage was the revelation of a hairline fracture. the good news is that radius is in proper place and no surgery is needed provided healing continues. all in all i feel ok.

the bad news is, i've got to go to the beach:, myrtle beach. sc...i'd rather be skiing. it never made any sense to me to head south in the middle of the dog days of summer. 85 degrees and 90% humidity is not good enough, i gotta go for 95 degrees and 100% humidity.: i couldn't convince the family that bar harbor and arcadia national park would be a great beach vacation.

the really bad news, this can’t help my weak left turns.:
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Good luck recovering dude.
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thanks xdog and happy birthday to you and many happy returns.
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Injured and stuck at the beach! Not as bad as injured and hanging out in the base lodge of a ski mountain in winter! Relax, read, listen to music. Stay in the AC.

I think your timing was good (early summer). You should be all better by ski season. Take it easy until the bones are knit.
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