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Which twin tip ?

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I want to buy a pair of twin tips for this winter . I already own a pair of xscreams and I just want the twin tips for park and pipe. I don´t have much experience in park and pipe. I need a length about 170 cm . I thought about a 1080, but they will be white in my length and that´s really ugly ... I know that is no reason not to buy the ski , but perhaps someone has another suggestion ?
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If you want a twin solely for park, here is my advice...

Line Skogens (176 cm)- The length should still be fine for you unless you are really short and lightweight. Although I've never been on them personally, I know a ton of people on them who think they are the best park ski by far. Line's are just made for jibbing so they are definitely going to get it done for you in the park. If you go to Lineski.com right now you can get them with cosmetic errors (meaning the graphics may be a cm or two off center but there will be no effects on the ski) for something like 150 bucks.

Rossi Pow Air (168 cm)- I took a run on them and really liked the Pow Airs in the park. They were a lot of fun and easy to jump on. Probably not my favorite ski because I like to ski the whole mtn. with my twin, but I'd definitely consider them.

Salomon 1080's (169 cm)- Well they are great for spinning and riding switch even if you don't like the graphics. I rode them primarily for about a year or so and they were excellent in the park. The problem you might have with them is that they are really soft in the tails, and landing a big air or something on a hard landing they can get kinda shaky and it's easy to fall on your ass.

Any other questions just ask me, I have rode most twins and have heard about the rest so I can answer most questions about them.

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g-dubs--how about big mountain twins? What's your take on the PocketRocket vs. Volkl G4?

Any info you can provide is much appreciated -- thanks.

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I love my 173 Enemys. I own the Mod X also, and like the Enemys way better for all mtn skiing. I have the new '02 red and black ones. They are by far the coolest looking twin out there; very gothic. There are a whole bunch of us who swear by them in Mammoth. A couple guys delamed the old black ones, but this ended up being a good thing, as they were able to warranty skis with 100+ days on them, for new ones. I had a pair of black ones, and put about 200 days on them, no problems.

Riverside - They Pocket Rocket is super fun, but it seems more inclined to short turns, and favors soft snow. The Volkl G4 is much stiffer and likes bigger arcs, but both are great everyday skis for a big Western hill. They new AK Enemy is pretty rad, and falls somewhere in the middle, but only comes in a 188.
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Head Mad Trix. A park/pipe AND all mountain twin tip. U can be totally centered for park air/pipe, or pivot the bindings and be in the traditional spot on the skis for all mtn. riding.
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