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Originally Posted by sonic
Every time I see this saab I wonder why the person driving paid more for the saab emblem.
You might wonder IF they paid more for the Saab emblem. With GM's "employee pricing" deal - and whatever other deals will follow in GM's long descent to insolvency, the Saab could be a better deal.

Also I don't know how the Saab warranty compares to Subaru's -- maybe another factor.

Finally last I checked Saab was giving free season passes at Crested Butte -- up to four per family of purchaser -- with purchase of a new vehicle. I'd be all over that if I lived in Colorado. The Saab is uglier, but the Subaru isn't a real looker anyway.
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Originally Posted by Yuki
New contest!
How many Bears can you pack into a Subie sedan?
Yer' gonna take us for a ride, right Doc?
Well, if I remember well, 28 adults (not Bears, sure ) were packed into the old Volkswagen Beetle...

Originally Posted by FRAU
Gaaaaahhh!!! The Decision is terrible!
Poor baby... but ainĀ“t there some worse decisions in life?
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A hot news about 32 people squeezed into a smallish wagon Skoda Octavia: fdv
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I have 98 Legacy Outback - I used to have trucks because it floods here all the time (Houston). I think both Toyota and Honda are top-notch (but I heard bad things about the Scion - low-market Toyota) in build quality (unibody, frame and body) and engines. The zaibatsu (usually headed by a financial institution) company that makes Subaru also makes in the U.S. factory some of the Isuzu models. I think all the WRX models are made in Japan, but I'm not sure. The Outback wagon has a stiff ride and it has bigger wheels. Overall the Matrix (rebadged as the Pontiac Vibe) is a lot smaller than the Impreza wagon and the new Ford Focus wagon, but all the seats fold flat, excepting the driver's. Outback wagons are so commonplace out West. I drove to Alta from the SLC airport in two feet of snow (i changed in my ski clothes at the airport), I was on the mountain about 12:30 PM. But all Subaru models have excellent crash protection. Do you want quality that will last a long time or a cheap AWD vehicle.

Maybe you could look at some aftermarket shocks that will have the same clearance as the Outback's and buy a regular Legacy sedan (although sedans are so rare - and not much when you trade it in).

The CRV is automatic, and the Element looks godawful goofy (it's also terrible with road noise on the highway). I think Toyota has ironed the wrinkles in its Highlander Hybrid (but if you want the AWD option, it will cost you some).

My brother and my sister-in-law rented a Ford Escape during the 2003 blizzard in Colorado - it kept on going through wet, heavy over two feet snow on the road.
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Well, I did a little gardening yesterday and finally came to the realization of how stupid the idea of a sedan is for me. On the trips to Lowes, I hauled 13 bags of mulch, two rolls of landscape fabric, and 7 pots of perrenials. Last week I brought a new computer desk home (disassembled in large box).

I NEED a wagon (sigh). And once the teenage unit starts driving it, I can't guarantee that the CRV is going to always be around when I need it.

Guess my repressed inner-cool-chick-wannabe is gonna have to wait a while longer.

Saw several late model used Outback wagons on the lot this week for $high teens. It'll probably happen by August.

Thanks for all the advice.
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Get a the 2006 Subaru Impreza Sports Wagon WRX. I have the 2004 Impreza Wagon TS and it's roomy for a smaller car. The back seats fold down completely and give you ample space. The WRX version probably has the rowdy sports look you are looking for.

take a look :
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