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Unbelievable! Great news!

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I am only a week out of surgery now. I went back to the doctor to have the stitches removed today. He told me that the bone spur was almost the size of a quarter, and that it had frayed the rotator cuff, but did not tear it full. He said the surgery went quite well and that the resting I had done before actually healed some of the damage.

He had me do some range of motion things for him and was quite pleased with what he saw. We started really small, but actually went much further than he thought we would. He said that my shoulder, bruising(or lack there of), pain level, and range of motion is close to what he usually sees at 3-5 weeks.

He has cleared me for swimming(not just wading) and I do not have to wear the sling, but he suggested I wear it when I am out as people tend to be a little more careful around people with a sling or cast.

I just have to remember....not to over do it now!
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Congratulations! Glad you're mending so quickly, and the sling is always good for the sympathy factor too! Take good care of yourself!
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Good luck now and in the future.
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You'll be on the slopes in no time!
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Woo hoo!
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Are you still thinking of jumping off the Tuckerman's headwall this summer?
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Well good for you!
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All day today, no pain killers, no sling...moderate activity, no bad pain.

Cool! I had slightly more range than before the surgery. I actually went to school to say bye to my students and wrote a message on the board (without pain!).

I am not sorry that I had this done, only sorry that I was such a BIG baby about it!
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Just be careful not to get overconfident and overdo it. (I always do). Less is more when recovering from this kind of thing... gentle stretching and gently exercising very often is key.
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good luck
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having had two shoulder surgeries myself, I am sure you are experiencing the joys of being able to button your own shirt and tie your shoes (there's a couple of others but I can't mention here, you know what I mean!) Good on ya'
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Oh yeah Finndog, I know what you mean, and thank god I can do them again. People, unless they saw me before the surgery, would not know that I ever had anything wrong with it. I am still quite weak and have some pain, especially with posterial movements. I see the doctor in a few weeks. NO PT YET, not officially.
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never under estimate the joy of being able to go to the bathroom unincumbered! Hey PT is a blast! Remember, there is good pain and bad pain......
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