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Amber Bock Skis

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I was cruisin' eBay looking for rock skis when I stumbled upon some Michelob Amber Bock ski made by Rossignol. They are currently going for $49 plus $20 shipping. Does anyone know what ski is under the Michelob top-sheet?

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7164949464&fromMakeTra ck=true
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Hey Rio I bought a pair of Rossi "Budwiser" skis 177cm a year or so ago and skied them a little,fun skis then gave them to a Tele friend. For that price you can't go wrong,good find shopper.
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So, slider, were they a Powair or a Powair Mogul?
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Don't remember.
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They look like twin-tips, whatever they are.
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Ask the seller what the tip width is.
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Skis are t-tips w/ a fair amount of reverse tail geometry. Scratch or B5 design? Anyone know about reversible skis(Head)and new binding designs?
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Budwieser skis would be much better for rocks skis though Coors Light skis would be primo. I wouldn't even flinch taking core shots on a pair of Coors Light skis.....I'd probably go looking for rocks.
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