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I've only played with a double paddle so few times I can't remember the last time, but I remember remembering.

My daughter and I paddled UP some small rapids (super-critical flow for you engineers and physics types) last summer. To me the advantage of being able to keep pulling while you return your stroke so to speak far outweighs any windage disadvantage. When maximum speed is the issue, I would welcome a double paddle. Maybe dome clever inventor can invent a paddle that resets its angle when you draw it through the water.

However for paddling all day or at a more leisurely pace, I prefer a single paddle. I believe that a proper gentle J-stroke without too much turbulence is the most efficient way to go.
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I just got back from a 63 km canoe trip last Saturday. I thought I would say that the Cat's Meow is a great bag, not that I needed it with the hot weather we were having, but the build quality and features like the zipper that won't eat the bag around it, pocket, small size when packed and great loft when unpacked, are great. So were the electrostatic light effects after dark.

PS My daughter was able to help me Portage the 85 lb canoe into the interior wilderness!

PPS. My GPS76CS was great too. I got the Great Lakes Charts, and downloaded the Gerogian Bay section. It was like having a cross between a "You are here" map and a pac-man game, as I gobbled up the Goto route leaving a breadcrumb trail behind the pointer. I have a track log, which I uploaded onto the MAPSOURCE, but I don't know how to paste it .
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I hear something! shhhhh!

Might have been the sounds of Lewis and Clark rolling in their graves!

Any photos?

During the warm weather I used an old sheet as a liner (sewn to the half way point) ... I HATE the feel of nylon on skin ..
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I'll scan some pics in when I get them developed.
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Ok. I've scanned the images into my computer as jpgs, but it seems by clicking on the insert image button that I need a URL link to get them on here.
Any Ideas?
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