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Wyoming Images

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Hello Bob Peters and All..

I got back from a photo trip to Wyoming a couple of weeks ago.

The weather was pretty bad near Jackson and I ended up spending most of the wee near Cody and Yellowstone. Here are a few of the images I posted in a new gallery if your'e interested.

Wyoming sure is a beautifull place. If I could live anwyhere in the world it would be Cody, WY. Every time I go out there it's hard to come back to flatland in Ohio.

The Snowy Range in SE Wyoming still had 4 feet of snow in early June. I didn't see any skiers but the conditions were right. It was cold and they closed down the pass when it started snowing.
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Great pictures. I am envious of your talent.
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I'm impressed! Are some of those shots of the Wind River Range?
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Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Ed
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ditto. nice way to start my day. and thanks for the new desktop.
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Steamboat Point is an especially nice shot.
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I'm particularly fond of the Cody area. You definitely captured its beauty. Thanks for the pix! They brightened my day.
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Same compliments from me - you are an incredibly talented photographer. Being an avid fisherman, I know Buffalo Ford very well and that shot of the herd crossing the river is outstanding. I also really like the Fountain Flat one.

Where is Wapiti Valley? I need to go there.

By the way, I took your advice and bought the Digital Rebel from the camera store you suggested. I love it! It's about 10,000 times better than my "former" digital camera. I just ordered the 10-22mm Canon lens to complement the lenses I already had from the slr.

Thanks for the advice. Come out and ski with us this winter - I've got numerous models rarin' to go.

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Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to comment all.

Paul, Unfortunately I still have to get some good shots of the Wind River Range. Whenever I go there it is either cloudy, raining, or just generally poor lighting conditions. One of these days it will all come together.

Thanks Bob...The Wapiti Valley is off the Buffalo Bill Scenic byway from Cody to the Yellowstone East entrance right when you pass the town of Wapiti near the shoshone river. The Washakie wilderness area is also around that area and is a great place to hike.

Glad the Rebel worked out for you. It should be all you need and will take some good action photos/skiing etc. I will be looking forward to coming out this winter and looking forward to testing the waters doing some ski photography. Keep in mind though I am still a relative newbie and won't be up to par to the rest of the guys when skiing
I can get around but not as fast or with as much grace as you guys.
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