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Fem specific ski

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I realise there are quite a few 'which ski for female' threads, however I'm more looking for information between two specific models.
Getting a ski for my GF, looking for an all mountain ski for an intermediate - sometimes not so confident on steeper stuff. After reading through the posts, msging a few bears and looking at what can be obtained for our price range, thinking of either the dynastar exclusive legend or the salomon scream 8 (women's model).

There have been lots of good posts about the dynastar, and a few about the scream 8 but I was wondering if
a) anybody had tried them and could compare them (or know somebody who has)?
b) is there a justification for the higher price of the salomon vs the dynastar (or is it just the integrated binding)?

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Is the Salomon worth paying more for? Not in my book, as the durability of the numerous pairs of Sollies I've had has not been very good. Got my wife a new pair of another brand last winter to replace the three year old lady Screams she was on, and never once has she asked for her old ones back. If you're talking an intermediate woman's ski, I don't think that durability is as big an issue because they don't pound on them hard enough to make a difference. Most (but not all) of the female specific skis are foam core for the purpose of lightness. In the end it probably comes down to what matches her coat or boots the best, but if I had to choose between the two, I think I'd go with the Dynastars.
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Hard to go wrong with the Dynastars exclusives-similar to the 8000 but female specific. Wife can't be troubled with demos so that's what I got her. Love at first turn. They're solid yet easy to ski and like the whole range up to excessive speed or knee deep powder. Good in bumps and crud. The flex is even and relatively soft producing a nice, round turn that can only be described as sensual- hey, they're French.
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My girl friend rides the Dynastar Exclusive 10's that i got her for her birthday last year. She loves them. I did a lot of research before i purchasd the skis for her, and after my research I found that Dynastar and K2 had some of the best womens skis out there. I opted to go with dynastar. I suspect she will outgrow the performance level of the 10 within a few seasons but they are great skis to develop a number of skills on. I took them for a spin once when she wanted to try my race stock SL boards, and surprisingly they ski pretty well. The foreward mounting is weird for a guy to be on, but i made it work. They are very snappy, good edgehold and seem to reward a more neutral riding position (read: do not have to be way foreward to make them turn). I would go for the Dynastar based on that fact alone. I love Salomon and have skied one or more Salomon skis for the past 6 seasons now, but I feel that the dynastar women's line is of much better quality and performance than the Salomon line. I have a feeling that Salomon may just re-badge their normal skis and call them a womens ski, where as Dynastar and K2 and a few others, have a women specific line of skis. After skiing on the Exclusive 10, as a male, I realised a significant difference in how the skis are designed compared to your normal men's ski. Not bad, just different in many ways.


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Patronising or what?

Originally Posted by Mac
In the end it probably comes down to what matches her coat or boots the best, but if I had to choose between the two, I think I'd go with the Dynastars.
Hoo boy! I'd like you to try this argument with some of the women I regularly ski with including my wife. They all look for torsional rigidity and performance on a moderate sidecut. They'd probably all whip your a$$ on the mountain too.
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Now, now, play nice. Vast generalization about female skiers, I'm sure... and our peer's skiing ability. Now, these women skiers you speak of... how old are they... j/k the gf would kill me... haha.

oh yeah, I still say get the dynastar... plus the graphics aren't too bad either.
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Old Enough!

At the risk of getting killed myself they're probably old enough to be most everybody's mother! Level 8-9 mainly and good everywhere on the mountain. My wife prefers the K2 T-nine series (2003 model) which is actually a step down in both length and stiffness from previous skis. She found the Dynastar a bit soft. As far as lenght goes she keeps on going shorter, down from 198cm to 165cm over about 8-10 years.
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Let´s not get into the silly arguments who´s better than who, especially if those skiers live on different continents.
There are great women skiers everywhere who will mostly feel offended when offered a woman-specific soft, tolerant, etc. ski which should help them overcome their "typical feminine incompetence". Al least I know some of them and we already had such discussions in our German forum.

I don´t think Mac needs an advocate but he wrote:
"If you're talking an intermediate woman's ski..." and I understand he meant corresponding skiers.

Btw, are those ladies really "old enough to be most everybody's mother"?
Mine was 86 last month.
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