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regarding "eVEnt "fabric...

just another stie that gives you three pages of technical obsufucation and no real information. FWIW, all the new w/b fabrics are monolithic coatings, which is what I think they are refering to by stating

"At the core of eVENT fabric is an ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) film that has been rendered oil-repellant, and thereby free from body-oil contamination, via a method that retains both the inherent open-pore structure of the membrane as well as its hydrophobic properties."

as monolithic coating are less prone to wear, and more resistant to contamination that the older style products. How about some number??!! Very few manufacturers really want you too see thier number because then we'll know with a few exceptions that they all perform within a close range of each other.

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As far as Im concerned you all are crazy. When the weather is so bad that any claimed "weatherproof' jacket doesn't repel the elements good enough, the chances are Im in the lodge or at home sipping hot chocolate.
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whassa matter, you a weather weenie?

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Omnitech, in my experience is not nearly as breathable as Gore 3ply. However, the 3-ply garments tend to look rather shabby after a couple years wear.
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Jo, I'll concour with that. Standard OmniTec is probably not as breatyhable as a 3ply Gore, but tests have shown that it is more breathable than the 2 ply Gore.
Now Columbia does have thier own type of 3 ply stuff, it works great but I cannot commnet on the actual test results.

No waterproof garment is THAT breathable.

That is why next season you are going to see a big push twords SOFT SHELLS. They are water repellant, for the most part windproof, and highly breathable. They are blubird jackets costing $300 and up. And every other ski clothing manufacturer is coming out with thier version of it. Mostly made with Scholler fabric.
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Life of compromises, eh? But let´s face it. -75% dont know or need gore-tex (or similar products) in their skiing or outdoors lives.
-20% Know them and use them, and only them. No matter rain or hail or sun.
-5% Know what materials are the most suitable for that days exercises and prepare for that.
If you do fast alpine routes in climbing, you know what you are gonna need,
because you have checked the weather, done the thing before and you know what to prepare for. Heavy perspiration ( in which case only fleeces or well ventilated Goretex Windstoppers (or similars) will do. For a Wind-shell/Water you use some light and breathable shells, max.PacLite or equialent (dont know if that word went right...). Their light and compresses a lot. And as in most snowsports they keep wind and dry snow outside. If it starts to rain, well, then its you or your meteorologist thats F*****d up and you should bail out anyway.
On longer winter ordeals ( or word Trips if thats better) its even more about lightness of equipment. You have to be prepared for all kinds of weather and still, you have to carry (or drag along) them all with you. Most people use 3-layer system
(under-middle-shell) but we all prefer to do it our own way...
Its the burned hand that theaches best...
(or the frozen..)
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Now, did you start this thread from our little skiing in the rain adventure?

Tag, I know we got soaked. But I'm tellin you. We'll never ski in the rain again - I promise! The whole thing was a bad dream, Tag.

Repeat after me. "It doesn't rain in CO in the winter"!
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I'm using a Schoeller fabric shell with DWR. It stretches, it's very breathable, quite wind proof, it's near indestructable and the DWR keeps the water beading.

I'm no longer sold on the very pricey markup of a gore laminate.
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SCSA: "It doesn't rain in CO in the winter"!

It rained this past January!!!

BTW, I think the soft Schoeller fabrics are the future. I ski in windstopper fleece most of the time and it's great in CO
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Thread Starter 
SCSA, LOL Actually, I didn't start this thread after our underwater adventure, but before we left for Fernie. I knew I wanted to switch from my Boulder Gear stuff, the local shops were all on 50% off clearance on their winter clothing, so I put the post up to get some idea of what people used and liked (and disliked).

Just as a BTW, as SCSA can attest, it rained, sleeted, and rained some more when we skied that Friday at Fernie. I bought a new Helly Hanson jacket and Marmot pants (with Marmot's Membrane). Already had Hotfinger Goretex gloves. By the time, SCSA and I finished skiing at 2:30 that day, the only part of me that was wet from the rain were my hands. My gloves were soaked through. Probably too many seams to make the gloves truly waterproof. Anyway, I'm quite impressed with the HH jacket and the Marmot pants. Would have probably sprung for a Goretex North Face jacket, but I couldn't find one that 1)fit & 2)had the features I wanted in a ski jacket.

As for Nord's comment about not needing this gear in the Midwest or the Rockies - what, do you think Seattle is the only place that gets wet weather?

Anyway, SCSA, why did we stay out and ski on Friday? Because that's why we buy this stuff and not some fru-fru piece of Descente. I didn't travel all the way to Fernie to sit in the lodge when there is skiing to be done. Kinda like that cold day at Copper posted in another thread. Ya getcha yerself all bundled up now, and get them gud down mittens on cause itsa cold one, doncha know. Ya sure yu can stay nice and toasty iffen yu yust dress proper, yu betcha!
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Way to go.

I'll add a testimonial for my Phenix stuff too. My jacket kept me dry and my pants did fine too.

But leather gloves. Well, they don't do too well in the rain.

My buddy Bruce, who's a ski pro, speaks volumes for this years Boulder Gear Line. Says it's bullet proof and inexpensive (well, as inexpensive as ski clothing can be). Also, do you know about the Vail swap? If you guys are out in CO this summer, I think it happens in August. Basically, every ski shop in Vail/BC brings their overstock to it. My buddy Brian did real well there. Send SkiCrazy an PM. They know about it.

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That Bonfire Platinum jacket I mention earlier here was eVENT and had a rating of "30,000mm". A ltd edition Bonfire jacket, the Omni Project, was GoreTex XCR and was rated at "36,000mm".
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