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We've lost a great talent and friend....

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Hi All--

I've intended to "come back" and renew my involvement with the EpicSki community for some time, but I regret the circumstances that have finally spurred me to write.

On Friday, June 17, one of Vail's most talented instructors perished in a tragic whitewater accident on the Upper Animas River in southwestern Colorado. It is the river originally named by Spanish explorers in the 1700's, "Rio de Animas Perdidas"--the River of Lost Souls.

After several seasons at his "home" ski area of Purgatory (now Durango Mountain Resort), Daryle Bogenrief moved to Vail, where he became one of the top trainers in a very short time. This past spring, at age 25, he earned the honor of being selected as one of the (if not the) youngest ever as an Examiner with PSIA-Rocky Mountain. In his short tenure at Vail, Daryle became a beloved and highly respected trainer, known equally for his disarming sense of humor and earnest compassion, his unceasing energy and enthusiasm for improving the state of the art of skiing and instruction, and for his own considerable skiing talents and athleticism.

Daryle also loved whitewater, and he is generally acknowledged as one of Colorado's absolute top raft guides. He was an experienced professional guide on the extremely challenging and remote Upper Animas River, near his home of Durango. On Friday, the Animas remained swollen with the spring snowmelt, considerably above the average for this time of year (although still not above the accepted commercial "cutoff" level of 5000cfs at the Durango gauge). This level makes the always challenging section a near non-stop torrent, with no breaks, enormous waves, ice-cold water, and precious few eddies. Daryle's raft apparently flipped in a notorious Class V section known as Ten Mile Slide. Several passengers were rescued by another raft, but Daryle remained with the raft and another man as they tumbled downstream. According to witnesses, when they were reached, both men lay face down and motionless in the water. Despite efforts at CPR, neither survived.

Daryle was a friend who I respected deeply. He was one of those people who you just enjoy being around, and who could bring out the best in anyone. As an instructor with the Masters Program at Vail, Daryle was instrumental in helping shape the cutting edge of ski instruction. An extraordinary skier, Daryle remained humble and was not afraid to laugh at himself.

Only twenty-five years old, recently married, Daryle Bogenrief had a shining future as a skiing pro, with unlimited potential. I had looked forward to the contributions he would make in the years to come, as much as I admired his accomplishments already. I, along with many, many others, will miss him.

Daryle, here's to you, my friend. Life is precious.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob, please pass on my sympathies. It is so sad to hear of a young man losing his life. At least he was doing something he loved.
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None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Heartfelt sympathies to you, Bob, and to his family.
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Bob your writing is an eloquent memorial to your friend. I wish you and his family the best in dealing with this terrible loss.

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Sounds like while he was here, he lived.

'The good die young' but it hurts so much when good friends die.
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Very sorry to hear. Please accept my very heartfelt condolences
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A shorter life than he deserved, but a good life. More in his twenty five than most of us in a hundred.
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I'm sorry to hear this news. Recently Laurie's young student lost her life and now this. Both embraced their potential and lived their short lives to the fullest.

Bob, our sincere condolences to Daryle's family and to you also.
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Very sad. So young! Sounds like he was an awesome guy who lived fully. I'm sure he will not be forgotten by those who knew him. Maybe you can get Vail to name a trail after him.
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What a sad story. He packed a lot into a short time, but what a loss.
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Bob, my most sincere condolences to you Daryle's many other friends and family. It's indeed a terrible tragedy when such a young and vibrant life is cut short.
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My condolences Bob. To you as a friend and to those close to him as Family. Sounds like he's going to be missed.

So many times in this world young people die unexpectedly without reason and still we wonder why. I've always said I'd want to go out doing something I enjoyed. Sounds like this fine young person did just that.

My prayers will include thoughts for his loved ones and for the Lord to take care of him now.
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Friendship is great, so sorry for your loss.
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My condolences. Other than that, I am speachless.
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Please accept my heartfelt condolences. To paraphrase Dag Hammarskjold, life's value lies in its content for others. It seems that he led a very successful life.
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very sad and tragic,

but I agree with WTFH that at least he was doing what he loved at the tragic moment, which is more than many get.

sympathies to his friends and family.
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Shame. Too young.
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Those are beautiful words that you wrote about him! He's lookin down with a thumbs up to you My condolences to the family and you Bob.

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Deepest condolences to those left behind who were touched by this exceptional young man. ...I feel deeply, that he is now experiencing thrills we have yet to even dream about in our earthly lives!
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Having been through similiar life changing experiences, hats off to the eloquently said words of previous poster's.
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Great thoughts Bob. They brought back memories of last summer and the loss of Jeff "Furball" Ferber. Tragic.
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GREAT words Bob.

May God bless and comfort his family.
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Originally Posted by jackwan1
My condolences. Other than that, I am speachless.
Thanks for saying this, I couldn't think of anything either, other then how sad. But as Fox said, at least he was doing something he loved.
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Bob, at these times, words are never enough for they cannot cure, but thankfully they can help heal. I'm sure yours are greatly appreciated. My condolences to both you and this young man's family.
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I linked an article about this in another thread, and another poster referenced this thread.

I went to school with Daryle at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany in the 1990's. We are the same year, and played soccer and skiied together. I got a call a few days after he died letting me know what happened. While we didn't stay in contact after college, we shared some of the same close friends, and his name had just come up earlier in the spring (I'm likely heading to Breck again this year for a a trip, and it was suggested we meet up).

Daryle was a fun guy from a good family (his father was an Air Force officer who worked with my father). For years he sported his famous bowl cut, and was a natural athlete (I don't know if he continued playing soccer in Colorado, but we were all strong skiers).

I only know what I've read from the news articles and the discussion here: http://www.mountainbuzz.com/viewtopi...ight=bogenrief

I'd be interested in any more information, including information on his young wife Angie. Daryle chose to "live the dream" while many of our friends are doing the corporate thing. For that, I will always admire him. He wasn't afraid to follow his passion and dreams.
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