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TR: Mt Dana/Dana Couloir 6/18/2005

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Got to bag another classic Sierra line that I've wanted to ski for a long time this weekend. The conditions weren't ideal, but it was still tons of fun:

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Very nice. Looks like an outstanding day.


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Lookes great, Rick! Now why didn't we have those conditions on Shasta?
Are you still planning to try again this season?

I was planning to hike up today for some turns on some low angle, low avy risk terrain (and practice my skinning and kick turns), but was up all night last night in the OR, and was just too tired to drive. Next week, I hope.
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We might go for Shasta again this weekend, but the conditions aren't looking good. They got as much as 3 feet of new snow the end of last week above treeline so avalanche conditions with this week's warming are looking sketchy. Another system is currently forecasted to come through this weekend, so we'll see.

Might just have to wait until mid July
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Mid July? I might have to come out and join you!
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