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U.S. Open

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What is more fun to watch? Players bringing a course to its knee's? Or vice versa? I couldn't imagine playing this course under these conditions. a 155 slope? Insane.
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Whoever is not watching this is missing some great sport.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Whoever is not watching this is missing some great sport.
You're right Phil, rivetting stuff - a damned sight more interesting than a six car Grand Prix.

Hopefully Campbell can hold it together so that Tiger really has to go for it - just watched Tiger get a good bounce of his drive on the 14th so the chase is on!

And my 21 handicap is certainly not up to that course in those conditions.
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The back 9 on Sunday is what Tiger lives for. Yes, as the ads say..."these guys are good".

How about that shot on the par 3????
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These gusy ARE good!!!

[quote=Phil Pugliese] Yes, as the ads say..."these guys are good".[quote]

These guys are beyond good.

It is humbling to see what this course has done to the best in the world. Remember the slope rating is under normal playing conditions not U.S. Open competition conditions. The average player would be lucky to break 150 playing from the tournament tees and observing the rules.

My course ranges from a 148 to 153 slope depending on which of the three nines we combine for 18. I cringe at the thought of what we could do to bring the course conditions to anything like tournament conditions-which would be nowhere near U S Open conditions. And I'm a poor run of the mill pro.
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Thought Jason Gore would fire up but........
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Originally Posted by Mainiac
Thought Jason Gore would fire up but........
...his usual game showed up.
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I was sorry to miss it, but it was Father's Day, and we three girls took our guy out for a scramble. It was shocking to hear that Goosen got an 81, after his performance the first three days.
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For most 80s appeared to be the score of the day.
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Just wanted to let you all know that Michael Campbell is from down under, a New Zealander! That is pretty cool for a small country of only 4 million. Usually the Aussies try to claim the kiwis as their own when they do well, but they can't claim Michael. He is based in the UK now so the Pomes might try and claim him but he was born and bred here in NZ, and is of Maori descent.

He is really well like back home, came from a working class family but in NZ you don't need money to play golf, so he was able to follow his passion. He is very generous and now that he is doing well he donates a lot of his winnings to chairities such as Ronald McDonal house.

The last time a New Zealander won the US Open was Bob Charles in 1963.
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He's liked here across the ditch as well Jules (although he does live part of the year not far from here!!!). I saw MC play the final round against Craig Parry about 10 years ago at the Greg Norman invitational at the Lakes, he didn't take the trophy that day but sure won a lot of fans
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He has certainly had his ups and downs over his career. When things were not going well he would address the issues, make changes if need be, and continued to work towards his goal of winning a major. Many would have given up years ago.

Was huge news here, parliament even stopped to watch the last few holes.
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