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Best Photo Locations for Lake Tahoe?

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My Snowmass trip this year went well and I managed to take three panoramic shots that I thought were halfway decent. Here are the links to them. I didn't want to include them directly because they are wide shots and might distort the page...? They've also been compressed to speed up downloading.


I'm hoping to go to Lake Tahoe next year on a skiing trip and want to take some panoramic shots there. The above shots were taken on the ski slopes but in addition to that, I'd like to find some good places to photograph Lake Tahoe away from the slopes.

Do you have any suggestions? Keeping in mind that I'm an intermediate skier and if the spot requires an expert skier, well, it ain't gonna happen. I looking for both on mountain and close to the lake suggestions.

Edit: These links aren't working. Looking at them now.
Edit: Ok, they are working now. BTW, each panorama is made up of 3-4 separate pictures.
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Heavenly, Homewood, and Diamond Peak will all offer you plenty off oppertunities to photograph the lake from intermediate ski terrain. On the east side of the lake there is a view point off the Mt Rose Highway just up from Incline Village on the way to Reno. There is also a nice pulloff just south of Incline in Lake Tahoe State Park off 28.

There's also some amazing views of the lake from the Mt Rose Wilderness, but you've got to be backcountry skiing to see those.
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Links to my favorite. I have some pics of my pwn but they are not digital.. Have one of a bear running across a run about 5 yards above me.



The poser in the pic is not me. Just a nice shot looking out fron the top of (The Face)

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Has anyone found any good spots driving around the lake? Less well known spots also appreciated.

Thanks for these suggestions. I knew there was a place in Incline that was great, just couldn't remember its name. Guess I'll have to checkout Homewood. How is it for an intermediate skier in general?

MTT, you gotta scan that bear shot and post it.
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Just drive around the 74/75 mi perimeter. Unless you are Helen Keller you'll be amazed by the photo ops every mile.
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Nice to see someone helping out the animals johnny.
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OTHGIskier, your Snowmass photo links didn't work for me.
Top photo in this link
shows nice, if cliche'd, view of Lake Tahoe taken from easily accessible spot near top of Heavenly's old tram. You don't have to ski the pictured Gunbarrel bump run to get the shot.
Did you post a recap of your Snowmass visit? I remember your questions about possibly going there. Did it meet your expectations? How'd it compare with your other trips?
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Emerald Bay

The most beautiful view, in my mind, from along or near the road is Emerald Bay State Park. The southwest corner of the lake... Serene, Peaceful, rural, expansive view, and there is a steep drop making for some nice vantage points nearby.
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Great pics Tony and I agree with Mom on the view!
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Tony & Mon, stop it!!! Today is exactly 6 months BEFORE I ski Heavenly, et al. GRRRR
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Originally Posted by slider
Nice to see someone helping out the animals johnny.
FuRR is in Little Rock and now I live in Jacksonville. I still help them with their website and they are still trying to save cats. AR is dog country and that's why a cats only group was started, because so little was being done for them.

Everytime I get a chance to include their link, I do, hoping spreading the word will help.

JamesJ, I just tested the links again, and they still work for me. Maybe Cox was having some problems when you tried them.

BTW, will this thread still be online by the time next ski season starts? I'll want to collect all the data then.
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There are spots all around the lake, Emerald Bay and the obsevation area just before Incline Village are good, the deck at the halfway stop on the Heavenly gondola, top of the Lake View Chair at Alpine Meadows, the list is almost endless here are a few examples that I have taken during our visits.

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