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Spyder Ski Gear for Aussie conditions...advice needed

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Hello everybody from Downunder...I have an opportunity to get some Spyder ski gear for free....it has to be Spyder though...i've been having a look at their Legends range and quite like their Aspen Jacket

and their Bormio pants

The waterproof/breathability rating of the jacket is excellent and would definitely suit Australias conditions....Out of the colour range of the Aspen i probably like those that are shown above...i would stick with black pants. What do people think? does anybody have any photos of these jackets/pants in the flesh as the website pictures don't really give me much idea of what they are like. Has anybody used this combination? or can anybody recommend some other combinations?

Thanks for your help
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How are u gettin these for free may I ask and where do I sign up? Just kidding. I just recently purchased a Spyder jacket off ebay. There is a retailer who has a wide range of them for sale and they have included pictures. Heres a link:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=59505&item=5182146 179

This is of the white one though. I haven't looked further but if you look at the guys store u mite find some other colours. I pesonally reckon the white one looks the best with black pants.
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Hhahaha long story mate....

Thanks for that....any help is appreciated...

Does anybody have any experience with these actual pants and jackets?
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I do wear that line of Spyder jacket but not that model. It has features up the kazoo. My black Spyder pants are the "Coaches Bib" - very useful and warm, but I'd like a less warm pair for some uses.

I've never had a problem with Spyder, but free it weren't. Paid dearly.
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Check the "Dermizax" rating on the soft plastic tag on the cuff.

My personal jacket has a rating of 20,000 ... 20K what .. I don't know for sure but I think it's a water repellency rating.

My ski school Spyder had a rating of 5,000.

The 20K jacket cost me about $400 US .. list was $650. It is warmer than my SS jacket and has a softer "silvery" lining.

The SS jacket was satisfactory in rain and warmth .... light years better than the Karbon jackets we were stuck with.
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Do you really need insulated pants and top for Aust?

Do they have a shell system that might suit our conditions better

Most ski gear for europe/us I think is way too warm for aust except on those rare winter days

soft shells are the go

just my 2c
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thats where you should be!
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Strider - I tried there first and didnt get the help i was after

Simonwoof - I'd rather be too warm than cold...but i hear exactly what you're saying. This gear is free so i'm not going to complain. If it means opening a zipper and armpit vent or two i wont complain. Plus there's the joy of layering....if you get too hot just take a layer off. I have asked though if they have a shell range but i love the tecnical features of the legends range
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The dermazaz water proofing is 20k, this is approaching gore-tex. I have a legend series jacket and it's a good jacket. It is very warm though so I only use on real cold days. If your jacket has the silver lining, it's pretty cool The lining will absorb body heat and retain warmth. It is a classic so it really doesn't go out of style. They don't change the jacket so much that it look so different. Hey best off, it's free! So just how bad could it be?
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I'm a bit iffey about how waterproof Spyder is. I'm a bit iffey about anything that's not Goretex in the waterproof department, actually.
That said, my favourite pair of ski trousers is a pair of insulated dacks I got at Stowe 2 seasons back (after foolishly wearing shell pants in the coldest winter for yonks), I think they are called scorpions. They fit well, come in different leg-lengths, and are trouble-free to ski in, no annoying features. I don't rely on them in heavy Australian-ish downpours though. they work OK in light rain, but in heavy sustained rain they start to get dampish.

I rate Spyder somewhere in the middle when looking at technical capability, but up the top for fit and appearance!
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Chuckle. This jacket http://www.spyder.com/uploads/60196...ing_1000-B1.gif looks like the current version of the jacket we got to wear at Keystone. I didn't mind them, but wouldn't pay what they're asking if I was buying a jacket. They weigh a lot, too, something to consider if you are going to cart it overseas.
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