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I thought that was him ; I'd seen his name on some Uvex Pro-Forms this past season...That guy could bends an old school 213 gs ski like a twig....most of the time he was skiing on the SG skis from Kastle...in Pa no less
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I knew Mark from when he was still at Timber Hill, when TH closed (and before it became Alpine), he went to Shawnee. He is still into the magnets? I do remember when he started that, good for him if he is doing good with them. He hung out at my place when Mike Moran was with Rossignol (under Bill Bendl and with Barry (?) Zimmerman, his wife was a teacher at PMHS). I didn't know Mickey Stone.

Did you know David Spangenberg? He was about your age and lived right on 314 in Henryville.
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U guys should just post your phone # and chat with each other on the phone instead wouldn't that just make things alot easier
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Originally Posted by ctown
U guys should just post your phone # and chat with each other on the phone instead wouldn't that just make things alot easier
You are absolutely right, we did hijack the thread. Sorry.
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Originally Posted by Finndog
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not really

Originally Posted by Finndog
Word was that he wouldn't sell last year so I don't know about that. I think it was intrawest? That forum you linked me to is so lame!
Well it seems you guys are from pa, wouldnt you want to be involved with people from close mountains. It has great contnt , so i have no idea where you and your friends got that idea. Also, Blue is on the selling block. We have the information from workers who are on our site. paskiandride. com is much better.
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Hey everybody, sorry for the threadjack here, but here goes.

I am the administrator over at paskiandride.com, and wanted to shed some background about the "source" that is so lame and unreliable.

I did not come here to flame, I just saw that some people didn't seem to want to take the time to see what we do over there.

About the Blue "sale", you're right to consider that source... It seems to have been a rumor for quite a while and we will see if anything actually happens. Who knows though, people were telling us CB wasn't being sold too.

As for the vertical, we implemented a system so that users could input their stats per day and track them through the year... that's where the numbers are coming from. As far as keeping track (I know it's tough while freeriding), many people wear ski watches to make it accurate. The stat manager has been a feature that people have liked once they saw what it was really used for. Yes, it is possible for people to be inaccurate in their numbers, but it is far from just pulling a number out of the air and saying that's your vertical.

As for being "lame" and "lacking content"... I don't know what you're looking for in June, but people tend to just go on and on about nothing when we don't have snow, even here there is quite a bit of that! We have been primarily an eastern mountain, due to the roots of our site (camelback message board), and are looking to expand throughout PA more this year.

Anywho, just wanted to clear the smear a little bit and give a little background, and I'll end the threadjack here.

If you have any questions/comments feel free to PM me here or at ThinkSnow on my board.

Bring the snow!
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What coaches coached the PMHS ski team?
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Originally Posted by racerchick
What coaches coached the PMHS ski team?
When I was at PMHS (in the late 70's adn early 80's) they didn't have a race team, so I am not sure. We were talking about some of the coaches at Camelback and not PMHS per say.
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it sounded like the guy who graduated in 94 was on the team. i've heard stuff about them having a team but we no longer have a team and i was just wondering who coached it when we did have one.
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