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Skis for a light weight skier

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Thinking of buying skis for daughter 105# 5-2 right now. Shes been on 150s kid skis for 3 years now and with growth was thinking it would be ok to move up to adult skis in a 160. She raced last year but won't be next year. Even though she's growing like a weed would think a 160 should last her a couple of years. Thinking of a Atomic 9.22 or a Bandit XXL. Though she wasn't the best racer she is a better powder and mogul skier than most of her team mates.
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Though it means nothing, I got my daughter the Rossi Bandits and she likes them enough to thank me for getting them for her. I believe she liked the white base color!

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Haha... id never even consider letting my parents pick out my skis!! Are you looking for a wide platform such as the skis you mentioned, or would she be more happy on an expert carver that skis more like a race ski (being that she did race). Although given your location the wide ski may not be a such a bad idea. the skis you have mentioned would work fine and also the K2 Axis comes to mind. If youve got questions about that one ask oboe... he knows best bout that one.
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She's leaving it up to me to get it right . Shes only 12 also. I will hear about it if its the wrong choice. Actually wife is pushing the mid fat option as she really didn't like the idea when floated of a 9.18L at all " thats a eastern ski" Someone at Powder suggested in jest a 165 PR. May not be that far fetched as twin actual length is more like a 160 and is fairly soft. But a bit pricey for a 12 year old. I've found 9.22 new for $500 can or demos for $550. Also XXLs demos for that price.
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Ive seen some really good deals on Volkl G2 20/20 on Ebay I think it is a Canadian outfit that is selling them. The G2 20/20 should be an excellent ski for your Daughter. But then a twin tip that would also work well as all mountain ski would be nice for someone that age.
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Utah , thanks for the input. Have seen the G2s but seem to be in the 170 range. Actually have bought from those guys before via ebay. They don't seem to have any thing in a 160 other than Atomic 9.18 though we haven't discussed price yet. A 9.18 might be an option but for a little more I'd get her the 9.22 or XXL.
Actually had my eye on a pair of G2s ( not the 20/20) in a 168 and theres alos a pair of G1 20/20 in a 168. Not sure if jumping from 150 kid ski to a 168 adult ski is a good idea. If she was going to staying with racing she would be on a 160 kid race ski which is probably stiffer than the G1 or G2.
Hard to rationalize getting my 105# daughter a 168 when last week got my wife a pair of 170s and shes 150#.

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I guess it was a couple of weeks ago that I saw one or two G2s in the 160 range. I would also look at a good twin tip for her. Maybe something like the Salomon 1080. I really don't know much about twins. But at her age " the being cool factor comes into play."
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The 160 9.22 is a great choice. My daughter just wrapped up her second season on her 160 9.22s. When she got them she was a just a little taller and heavier than your daughter. She's now 5'6" and about 125 pounds.

The 9.22s are still great for her. They seem to have an unusual combination of very light weight and great performance. Super versatile. She spent the season skiing pretty much everything at Stevens Pass, WA. Blue groomers through double black off-piste. All snow conditions. The only time the skis were a little bit weak was when she hit chest deep powder or nasty ice.

My wife, a bit taller and a bit heavier, started the season on 170 K2 Mod 7/8Ws. After "borrowing" the 9.22s midway through the season, she ditched the K2s. She felt the 9.22 was better in every respect (not to mention much lighter). Now we have 2 pairs of 160 9.22s in the family...

Good luck with your decision!
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Hey Doug,
My 12 yr. old son is a good aggressive skier and for the past two seasons has skied the Rossi Bandit Jr. in 160cm. He's about 120 lb, 5'-2" tall and he loves his Bandits. I recommend the Bandit Jr. because it's affordable and you get a lot of ski for your money. Most kids like the graphics and the cool turned-up tail. It may be a good idea to hold off on buying adult skis for your daughter until she's done some more growing.
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If you consider buying a 160 cm jr free ride ski you might as well buy her a race ski, because that is what she is used to skiing on. the race ski will be much more aggressive of a ski and also more durable. The bandit jr. is too soft of a ski. My younger brother used to ski on the salomon xscream jr, and by the end of last season he was deffinitly outgrowning them (only 13). My dad and i were concerned that he was going to break them if he skied on them much longer. I dont know how valid our concerns were but he did successfully split the topsheet down the center of the ski. I would look toward a jr race ski or an advanced adult ski in a short length. the rossi bandit XXL is probably a good ski to get her on. I skied the bandit XX and i remember it being a very light feeling ski with very good edgehold. Some say it is difficult to ski on but i didnt find that it was difficult if you are a fairly proficient skier. Go with a less expensive ski because in a few years if she stays with it she will know what she wants to ski on (Or at least it will be easier to select something for her based on how much her ability has progressed and if she is still considering racing or if she is just a recreational skier).
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My son is 12 also, but only 90#. Toward the end of the season he sold his 150 Stockli GS to our top J4 girl, she's about your daughters weight. She did very well on them, shaved time off her runs and made it into the "post season" races on them.

Both of these kids had been on skis that were too long, my son has Volkl P-40 jr's (163) and Rossi's in 168 and does well on them just cruising around but once he got his SL's in 137 and GS in 150 ....... he has become a believer. He is now "dropping hip and cutting angles" that leave me amazed. These short racers are torsionally different and a bit stiffer.

It's hard to find a perfect ski. You Canadians probably also have the "powder question" to deal with so it might be wise to save last years "long-uns" for the deep stuff. Bumps are another issue but the shorts can't hurt there.
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Thanks for the input. I think she has definitely out grown "kids" skis as we pushed the limit last year by keeping her on them and her still racing. One of about 3 out of ~ 60 girls not on junior race skis. Next year if she kept with racing she'd be on a junior racer which would be about as stiff as a intermediate adult ski.
Powder is definitely a consideration. See pictures of her POW form in the General section.
Choices are :
Atomic 9.22 or 9.18L
Bandit XL or XXL
Volant Vertex Power or Epic
Line the "153"
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Well ended up with a Dynastar Agyl plus which is an intermediate twin. $160can including shipping was too good of a deal to miss. $500can plus shipping and taxes would of been the damage for the 9.22s.
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Good choice, it will work for her for a few seasons until she is ready to move into an adult expert ski or a womens expert ski. Also a pretty good deal...
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Hope she enjoys them Doug By the way where did you get that deal?
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Utah, Got them off of "almost" ebay in that these guys had two pairs listed starting at $109 US ~ $168can but got no bids. So I went in and offered them $150can including shipping and they countered with $160can including shipping. ebay link is http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...tem=1834964853 Saved around $40can by not bidding.

They have the second pair relisted.

Actualy found a store that has good prices http://www.jardinesworld.com/pages/blowout/ski.html Have been working out lower than a lot of the ebay auctions and lower than the closeouts section of skitrader.com
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