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I'm home

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Surgery seems to have gone well. Shoulder pain no worse than what I had after the fall in Feb.

Yesterday was tough... the pain killers made me quite ill. I got sick each time I took one. They were different than what I had there.

I got to the hospital at about 6:30. I was in surgery till actually started at 7:30. I was in the little recovery till 9, at 9:30 the doctors talked to me and told me what they did and told me that I could go home when ever my ride could get there. My brother was there by 10, I was at his house by 10:30. I was at my sister's by 6 as my brother was leaving for the weekend. I was home here by 10AM this morning. I think I'll be more comfortable at my own house.
Doctor told me I was doing much better than most.
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Glad your back and you'll be strong by next season. Doing anything with your webpage?
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Originally Posted by slider
... Doing anything with your webpage?
I will as soon as it no longer is necessary to use only 1 hand. It took a long time to type all I did above.
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Being sick is no fun.
What kind of drugs did they give you?
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Originally Posted by Ghost
Being sick is no fun.
What kind of drugs did they give you?
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hope you feel better soon, laura. please don't respond to this post or work on your web page until you can use two hands. at least don't bother with shift key... if you do post. we'll understand, don't be a schoolmarm about the caps...
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Hope you're feeling better soon, Laurie!
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Speedy recovery! Now the real work begins. Get good PT, start slow but keep at it. You should be good to ski this winter. Good luck, Laurie.
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. . . and the name of the doctor was . . .?
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Good one, isn't it...I know it sounds a little far fetched, but that is the actual name of the doctor.

Who can guess...other than Oboe and those I sent the email to?

Note: He has hospital privilages in Ware and Palmer in addition to Springfield.
So, what you gonna make of that
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Good luck. I know it's tough to shake those kids properly with one hand.
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I'm gladd all went well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and I hope to see you at ESA-East.
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Heal quickly

Need some new meds? I still have vicodin (or generic version) all 30 tabs. I never used any.

(just kidding. I know I can't sent it anywhere)

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Best wishes
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Good luck on a fast and easy recovery!
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You still type better with one hand than most who have two.
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Shoulder surgery is not fun as I've had both done. I know what you're feeling like right now and it's not fun. The only good news I can tell you is once it's healed and rehabbed, it'll be good as new.

Take your drugs, that's what they're for. Remember to do exactly what the Dr. and therapist tell you and you should have no problems.
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