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K2 Ski measurements...

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Hi all,

I bought the 03/04 model K2 Apache X ski's yesterday. It's my first ski purchase so I am very excited and I got them at a hugely reduced price.

My ski's are 174cm and the measurements are 109/68/99. I picked up a current 04/05 model Apache and had a look at the measurements for that model and it says 115/68/99.

The funny thing was that I put the ski's on top of each other to see the difference and they are exactly the same size! I showed it to the ski shop guys and they were baffled by this.

I know that K2 have moved their production to China, are we going to be seeing more errors like this with ski gear? I would be pretty damn annoyed if I walked in buying a particular ski and finding out months or years later that it wasn't the correct size. Anyone ever had this problem?

This isn't a case of just a sticker being put on wrong, the sizes have been actually printed onto the ski. The K2 web site is reporting the correct sizes with this model.

I used to work for a computer distributor we had problems like this all the time from Chinese companies, there is basically zero QA in their manafacturing plants.
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What do you think was the error? They printed "109" in the topsheet where they were supposed to print "115"?

Was there an '03-04 Apache X? I thought the Apache line was new for '04-05. Obviously, I could be wrong.
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K2 Apache X

I also think that the Apache line was new for the 04/05 season.

I have found on the web that the 05/06 K2 specs have changed for both the Apache X and the Crossfire from 109/68/99 to 115/68/99. If I can I will do a side-by-side comparison as to sizes.

As for the Apache X, I think you will find the ski very enjoyable. I went to Steamboat in February for my first ski trip in over 10+ years. The Apache X was the first ski I demoed, and I felt like I never had a lay-off in my skiing on these skis. These skis turn effortlessly and hold their edge well. Conditions that week were powder and packed powder.

I rented other skis that week, even supposedly much higher end skis, and kept coming back to rent the Apache X again and again. I took them down blues/blacks/moguls and had a blast on these skis. The only ski that I did not demo but wish I had was the Crossfire - I will have to wait until the new season.

Soldier, regardless of the dimensions printed on your skis, I think you will enjoy the ski you bought. Once the 05/06 season starts, I would like to hear your comments about your experience on this ski. Good luck.
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This is wierd ! I am going to check my ski dimensions on my calipers right now.
You sure there is not a wrong top sheet on the ski?
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I am pretty excited about testing these ski's out. The resorts in Australia have just opened so it should be a few weeks and I will be up there

Sorry guys, what I meant to type was the 04/05 and 05/06 model.
I have bought last years model, which would be the 04/05.

The part that got me was that what they printed on the actual ski is the incorrect measurements. That's why I raised the point.

According to the website it has the correct sizes of the ski. The shop where I bought mine had 5 set's of the current model Apache and they all had the incorrect sizes printed on them! maybe there was a batch of them were screwed up when they were manafactured.

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Some of the apache line got goofed up in 04/05.... On my apache chiefs they printed 118/98/112 on the ski, The actual mesurments are 128/98 Ive wondered about that myself. Awesome skis though and thats all that matters.
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Maybe if they printed the numbers in both Western and Chinese, the factory guys would know what topsheet went where.
Why no Chinese topsheets?
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Maybe its the exchange rate? :
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Maybe its the exchange rate? :
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