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2003 9S WC

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I got a pair of these and want to know if they are any good off the corse? I also have my 10.26 JR. that I have been skiing on which I really lik. Which would be better for skiing eastern slopes?

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Any ski can be skied off the course. The WC 9s... lets say its a bit scary off the course. You will want to keep your other skis until you get strong enough to keep them on the snow. the performance envelope of the WC 9s is huge, if youre willing and able to put the power into the ski. As for free skiing the ski, it may tire you out so you might want your other skis. Its not going to be a leisure ride down the hill, ever. I took a few runs on them in the spring and was a little concerned with how fast i had to go to make them bend and turn. Granted i didnt know the mountain i was skiing on very well, so i was reluctant to go really fast, and the terrain was skied up pretty good. The ski could easily be handled as a free ski... but the question is do you want to have to handle it. The regular rossi 9s is a much friendlier ride, but it doesnt have the same energy that the WC ski has. You will deffinitly have to give them your all when youre skiing them, or you wont like them at all.
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