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Legend 8000 (sigh... again) vs ... BigStix 8.0

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wow easliy the best ski site Ive found

How did I buy ski's before this??

So to my question I ve read the forum and know everyone (nearly) loves the Legend 8000 but I need a ski to work on (SP) and dont have a lot of cash and I can get the BigStix 8.0 quite cheaply... any thoughts on these two skis and should I pay the extra denari for the Legend
Oh and what lengths ???

Some info
189cm 83kg
I ski well enough (10+ years couple of seasons here and there, go anywhere, hate bumps)
Have some new boots (hence the cash flow fun) Garmont Adrenalines

I ski in Australia now due to rugrat constraints
Aussie power is ... interesting (elephant snot some might say)

Thanks in advance
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Y'know, I've not had a good time on the big stix. I skied 1 size smaller (7.?) and felt them to be too stiff. The Legend 8k's are currently in my quiver, and I really like them.

If you've skied Fischer, and like them, then go for the savings. If not, the 8k'll probably do you better.
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The 8.0 is different than rest the Big Styx line. It is built as a twin-tip and is softer that the 7.6 & 8.6. It makes for a good all-around ski with an emphasis on off-piste, softer conditions. The Legend is a better choice if you are looking for better on-piste, hard snow performance.
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thanks guys for the input

Rio have you skiied the 8.0
I understand it is much more "all mountain" than the 7.6
But more versitile than the 8.6

I have just been up to Hotham this weekend and its snowing hard
some of the guys went out for a few hours

Poor me no ski's
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I got to try a pair for an hour. I thought it was a fun ski.....much better all-around performance than my V-Pros. I would consider it as a choice for my main ski.....I have a preference for forgiving twin-tips due to my love of ski steep terrain, moguls & crud. Since it wasn't as stiff as other Fischers I doubt it will be the heavy crudbuster the 8.6 is or have the bite on hard snow the 7.6 does. On the other hand, it did great in moguls & steeps and had enough sidecut to make carving on groomers enjoyable.
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Thanks Rio

Its mainly as a work ski I Voly Patrol and "easy is good"
If its fun as well thats a bonus
A couple of the tele guys have 7.6 s set up s with their tele gear!
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