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Having Knee rescoped for scar tissue??

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Has anyone ever had thier knee rescoped after total acl replacement surgery?
I blew my knee 90 degrees forward, so the top sheet of my ski was facing the top of my head. Not Pretty. Ripped acl completely off my femur tore mcl and ripped my miniscus 3/4 way off. That was 5 years ago.

I ski harder than I used to now! But at the end of some days my leg is all stiff in the knee and hard to straighten out till next morning.

It also sounds like a balloon being wound up tight every time I move it, at any given time.

Anyone ever had this done? How long is recovery for this?
Will I benefit from this at all? Feedback is appreciated! (especially experienced feedback)
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I only had a femur break but I know about the "balloon" sound. I had a good PT check it out and it turns out my knee cap was pulling to one side because one muscle was stronger than the other. There was some scar tissue from all the abrasion. When I had my Femur rod the Ortho scoped out the scar tissue in my knee. Since I've been working hard on getting the muscles balanced and doing lots of stretching before the surgery. I have started my rehab over the past 2 weeks and most of the "balloon" sound is gone. The tenderness is still there but it's feels a lot better now. Since there is no "damage" to repair, just the removal of scar tissue your rehab should be much better and faster.
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