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A friend wants ski advice

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A guy at work asked me for advice on make/model and especially length of skis for his situation: He's a grown-up, 40-something, 6', 230 lbs, with a delicate knee, has had a couple of knee surgeries and is looking for make/model that will allow him to ski strictly recreation, no tough stuff. He especially asked about appropriate length, given his knee. I told him that the local Alpine Shop would probably give him good advice and I told him that I would submit the question to this forum. I will also tell him to become a Bear himself but for now, I ask for him. What do you think for possible make/models/lengths for this dude?
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K2 4500 or 5500 with Marker M1100 or Titanium 1200 bindings. Length? 174 or 181.

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Are you Dan Quayle by any chance?
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me or spud face?

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Quayle? No, I'm a hopelessly, far left liberal, but I live in Vermont, so I like guns. The handle comes from the day epicski asked me for a login name, I looked down and noted I was wearing my potato(e)head tie and the rest is history. I wonder if Brother Dan does ski? He's from the flatlands, right? Anybody know? How about Ahhnold, he would know, being that he is in the rarified heights of celebrity politicoes. Hey, Ahhnold, what do you know?
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PH [if I may call you that], I'd recommend a SHORT ski for your friend. Why? Because at a certain point in length, shorter is less likely to strain knees than longer. It is my understanding that skiboard users do not incur ACL injuried from the sport. The longer the ski behind the foot, the more leverage there is to create the forces which result in ACL injuries. Short skis that will work for a man of that height and weight are readily available, and the folks at the Alpine Shop will know what they are. They have some of the Rossi T-Power line there, and they can special order something else if need be. The Rossi T-Power line wold be great for this guy.
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I don't know Oboe. I was actually thinking the opposite. The rash of knee injuries on the World Cup circuit is why they have limited the length and sidecut of skis isn't it? I'd say to stay away from a radically shaped ski in really short lenghts.
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Just from my own experience I think epic is right. I ski a 191 Volkl carver which seems to be a good all around ski. I also have some 150cm race carve rossi's that seem to be a little hard on the leg muscles after carving so many smaller turns. Pulled a inside knee to groin muscle from them last week. Maybe it was the soft snow but you could not let these boards run at all. And yes I'm over 50. :
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Are you over 6ft 6 and over 250lb? Cause that is one big ski you are using!
Epic talked about
radically shaped skis
and you mentioned being on
150cm race carve rossi's
I wouldn't recommend the guy choosing a short racing ski, or one that is radically shaped, but yes, a short NORMAL ski would be good advice.

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WTFH-No I am 5'10"&180#'s. I do have to set my bindings about 8 din instead of 6 1/2 din. I also seem to bend my front half of the skis after a year or so. : I am not a bump basher or hucker. I've skied with some of the Bears,they know my story. Anyway,I just think a all-mt. ski or a mid-fat around 180-190 would be good for the guy. After all he's a big boy.
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Right on Epic. A short radical side cut ski is asking for trouble, specially if it's a stiff race variety which can lock a skier into an arc and can put the skier in the back seat, a classic ACL blowing position. I would make a few suggestions to your friend:

1) Exact model of ski is not crutial, but generally go for a moderate length with a larger turn radius sidecut (remember, longer the ski larger the radius given the same sidecut dimensions). Larger radius, less likely to get thrown into a turn and as a result onto the heels.

2) Go for a softer flex pattern. This will facilitate steering better, less likly to get arc locked.

3) Make sure bases are flat, tips and tails are detuned, edges are base beveled 1 degree. This all will help him be able steer the skis better and make it less likely he get thrown into the back seat helplessly riding a runaway carving ski.

4) Get a good knee brace (if he doesn't now have one) to help support that weak area when what we are trying to avoid happening to him through proper equipment selection does anyway, as we all know it inevitably will
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Short RADICAL side cut ski?! I never mentioned "radical side cut" - in fact, I'll agree that radical side cut is the LAST thing the man needs. There are some great short - shortER - skis available without radical sidecuts.

And friends, while I have no reason to question your own experiences, the point is that at a certain point, shorter skis are less threatening for ACL tears. What they do to groins I don't know.

In any other circumstance, if knees were not the issue, I'd be calling for a mid-fat ski.
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Whatever the ski.....

Have him see a good sports physio & get some exercises to stabilise that knee as much as possible.
Might also want to investigate braces OR TAPING. Note - I believe braces are not much chop unless you go the whole hog & get a custom made fancy one.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
K2 4500 or 5500 with Marker M1100 or Titanium 1200 bindings. Length? 174 or 181.

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God, there are so many great recreational skis out there that'll fit this bill. And what's great is that you can get them so cheap, especially last years stuff.

I'd go short, no longer than 180, and preferably like 174.

K2 3500 with a Salomon 710 or similar could be had for around $250 for the combo in my neck of the woods. That's what my wife is running.

I've got some Head Cyber's for rock skis and they're cool too.

Fisher Sceneo S300 is a nice ski too, a bit fatter if your friend intends to ski the West at all.

Just keep the sidecut conservative, and things'll be dandy. I have a pair of X-Screams, 107-69-98 (or so) and all they wanna do is turn. The Heads are more like 103-76-95 and much easier to run straight.

Only a few months now!
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How about the bench mark ski in this category? The Atomic BetaCarv 9.18, or now called the C:9 Pulse, in a 170.
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