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Legend 8000 or volkl AC3

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Hey guys,
Im an Aussie looking to buy some new skis for this season, and can't for the life of me decide between the dynastar legend 8000's or the volkl AC3's. As far as terrain goes, I'm an all mountain skier with a tendency towards bumps and tree skiing(we dont get much powder down here!). Also im about 6"1-6"2 and 187 pounds, so is a 172 too short for me, im kind of set on that length.

Would love some advice, so i can make up my mind!!!
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You will be happy with either ski. Also, demo the AllStar's and the Legend 4800.
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No contest. Legend 8000.

I am 6 foot, 170 lb and ski the 8000 in a 184 and find it really easy to throw around in short turns and bumps. For you the decision is between 178 and 184, but the only reason you may want to get the 178 is you sound like all you ever do is short turns.

The AC3 is a much heavier ski, and much less versatile for all conditions.
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I am 5 feetses and 6 incheses I weigh 155 and have the legend 8000s in 165 as well as the pocket rockets in 165 and they are perfect for me. I would say the 178 would be prime for a 6 footseser, LOL. Ride em like ya stole em Lad! Def go 8000 a nice light ski too!
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Flint, given the amount of ice and hardpack we ski in Oz, I would lean towards the AC3. Kiwiski's comments are right if you are going to ski in Unzud, but for Oz, the ability to hold an edge on boilerplate at the top of the mountain and bust through crud and slop down the end of the run is important. Also, in Oz a lot of the advanced terrain tends to have a lot more moguls so we should generally go shorter (Try looking at what the instructors are skiing).

Look at Max Capacity's advice in this thread:


BTW, I have just purchased AC3's in 170cm (Im 185 cm & 88 Kg - 6' & 194 lbs) and will give some feedback when I have a chance to ski them (send it down huey!!!). However, you should be able to hire some top end skis such as these through some of the better ski shops. Last year I spent a week at Thredbo on the Volkl 724 EXPs at 177 cm which were hired through Larry Adlers at Jindabyne. Have a look at http://ski.com.au/marketplace/shops.html and phone around to find out what will be available this year.
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Thanks taxman,
I've got an exam in two hours and I've just spent the last half an hour reading all those threads in that forum you recommended(great study)! Really informative, think im on the right track!
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You are into one of the hot debates/discussions around here (as you discovered, there has been a huge amount written on the Legend and a fair amount on the new AC3 and AC4). I really like the advice about paying attention to the weight of the ski. How many pounds you are tossing around all day is often overlooked. I believe weight is one reason people love Salomons (the Pocket Rocket being a prime example) and the Dynastar Legend group of skis. I think the "system" binding on the Volkl is also on the heavy side (and I hate Markers to boot), although you can get the ski sans binding.

In general, the Volkl will be stiffer, heavier, better in crud, will hold an edge better. From what I have read, the new design should make it easier to initiate a turn too. On the other hand, the 8000 will be quicker edge to edge, perhaps more versatile, easier to jump around things in tight circumstances, etc. I have skied the 8000 for a day and I really like it. I am decided between the 8000, the new Rossi B3, and the Volkl AC4 but have not skied the last one yet.
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Anyone else want to comment, I think I still need some more input. So unsure!
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Think of it this way. If your a big heavy tall strong aggressive skier you probably wouldnt even notice the extra weight of the Volkl's.

I am a very agressive strong skier but only 5'6" 155 to 60 lbs. and I look for the lightest equipment possible because I like to be able to bash all over the place at any given nano second

Lighter is definately quicker and more agile! Plus the L8000 is a fairly stiff ski.

The L8000 is better in every respect. Especially if you like trees and they get tight here on the east! I need and love the agility and quickness that the L8000 can offer me instead of the slower less agile AC3
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