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TR: The Berner Oberland 5/1-6/2005

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Well, been doing too much skiing to keep with the trip reports, but I finally posted some pictures from my trip in the Berner Oberland back in early May. An amazing area, perhaps the most spectacular I've seen. Great skiing, weather didn't totally cooperate, but powder laps by the hut in May is a fine consilation:

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Wow -- we spent a few days in Gimmelwald back in May 91. No skiing, though. When we took the train up the Jungfrau, it seemed like 90% of the other riders were going to ski. My brother and I were practically in physical pain watching everyone take off down the glacier! Regrets, regrets ...

Anyway, we did some beautiful hikes in the lower altitudes, and I saw my first avalanche there. Actually, it's the only avalanche I've ever seen happen.
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Great story Rick, and looks like you had a good time!
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