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That low stuck in the ditch is bringing a lot of moist air onto the east coast of Oz. It has been raining in Sydney for the best part of a week. Unfortunately we need a good blast of Antartic air to cool things down. Some light rain has just started to get into the NSW resorts. Not doing too much damage, hopefully it should turn to snow again in a day of two. I don't know about your weather patterns over in Unzed Jules, but with your higher latitude and higher elevations this system could give you some good falls as it drifts across your way. Here hoping.
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It has got very warm here, is 4 degrees celcius at Mt Hutt today. There is a lot of mud showing in the snow cam and they charge people to ski there. Their report today (5 July) says in one section "Please note there is wind blown shingle in the snowpack on Morning Glory Road and Trail. " yikes!

full report

So I think you guys are getting better conditions in Oz. Neither of my favourite mountains are open yet, Craigieburn and Treble Cone.
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Definately not a typical winter. Golbal warming???? Got to blame someone, must be GWB :
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Our season so far:

When they shift the aim of the camera away from the top of the mountain you know it has to be bad.

It is winter, it is supposed to be cold. Where is the cold???
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Wow! That is looking pretty bad. To think that we actually have more snow, albeit not much more, than NZ is quite bizarre.

Moving the camera is a bit dodgy, some of the resorts here have been doing similar things.

Let's hope things pick up soon for you NZ'ers, I was thinking of coming over there for a slide at the end of Sept. Hope you get enough cover!
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Don't leave it too late in Sept to come for a slide. Most areas try to stay open until end of the school holidays , which is about Oct 9th. The last couple of years the snow has been good until mid Oct, but a few years back some did not have enough snow to stay open the first week of Oct. I'd advise coming earlier in Sept, rather than later if you can.

Plus you miss the school holidays which can make things busy (this year they are 24 Sept - 9 Oct). It is also school holidays from this weekend for 2 weeks and because there is not much snow, those who were planning to ski in the July school holidays may delay until the September break.
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hello all
Im looking forward to skiing at falls creek for the first time this year

PS philay ..get stuffed
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Falls Creek - Nice flat place, good for trout fishing in summer. Enjoy.
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hehehe, never thought about fishing at falls!

13 days to go until i hit mt hotham for 12 amazing days!!!

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