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I disagree

Originally Posted by jackwan1
that no name resort is horrible, slow lifts freeze you to death, bad food, further away..... no one should visit it. bad bad bad.....
The beer in the bar is cheap Good for hanging out and watch the punters come in from a bad day's worth of skiing And to hunt for other positives - you park less than 100 yards from the lifts But yes, the lifts are painfully slow, and the food is of questionable quality, and it's location has some downside with respect to accessibility And next to no one visits it : And these smilies are fun to play with
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At the risk of irking the locals, no-name resort = Homewood... Am I right?
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Well shit!!! So now homeywood is gonna be crouded this year. That sucks.

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Not well publicized but if you ride TART to Homewood you get 5$ off on lift ticket. Really only 3$ cuz round trip TART is 2$. But an option if your staying Tahoe City or even better Sunny side marina. Ski Get a little greased @ the bar while listening to crappie local band, ride the bus back to town.

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Originally Posted by MTT
Well shit!!! So now homeywood is gonna be crouded this year. That sucks.

I think it'll be okay. Most of us city slicker types know of it and have visited at least once or twice, but generally don't head up there very often. It shall remain unmolested.
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Yep you have to drive past alot of ski resorts to get there. However If I were visiting Tahoe, I belive This place is true Tahoe sking (At its best) and should not be overlooked.

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It's prettier up North

Unless you really like gambling and neon lights, I'd spend most of the time north. (I confess to not skiing Heavenly, but the other posts make it not seem worth putting up with the ugly development) Best Western near Truckee was clean, cheap, free breakfast and well located when i stayed there 2 seasons ago. They have websites.

For the weekend, check out the "weekends off piste" at for a little intro to the backcountry too.(headquartered at Sugarbowl.) (and no, i have no affiliation or conflict of interest ) You may decide to ditch the groomers after that!

BTW, beware Tahoe snow conditions. Even with a monster base, it can have periods of drought mid-winter that lead to surface conditions like man-made east coast ice.: Maybe TruckeeLocal can give advice on the best time of year to avoid that.
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Best Western in Truckee is not even in Truckee, it’s by the municipal Airport in the middle of nowhere. Casinos are a good place to stay because of all the comforts (You don't have to gamble) Most have multiple restaurants / Movie theaters / Health spas / PAMPERED!!! Looking for the more Rustic Mountain type accommodation? Look @ all the Motels along the entire North Shore / Or South Shore // Or West Shore. If your gonna go to Tahoe Wake up / looking @ Tahoe. It is a good feeling!!

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Originally Posted by Agentineskier
We usually stay at cheap hotels such as Holiday Inn and drive every day to the resorts... We are not interested in staying at a resort...itself What do you recommend ?
Fair enough MTT, but then recommend a lakeside motel. If he/she is coming from Argentina, hshe may want to make arrangements ahead of time and is looking for advice. I'd love to know too, for the next time:
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Fire Side Inn is across the street (Best Breakfast in Tahoe Basin)
Pricey but still cheaper than BW

I will cough up more later.
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Sure Can

Originally Posted by Mom
BTW, beware Tahoe snow conditions. Even with a monster base, it can have periods of drought mid-winter that lead to surface conditions like man-made east coast ice.: Maybe TruckeeLocal can give advice on the best time of year to avoid that.
Best time to avoid Sierra Cement is SPRING. Duh ! Monster base. Cloudless skies. No crowds. Come just after Easter. And relax and enjoy.

To suggest that the Best Western isn't in Truckee is being pedantic if it's even true - the town hall is even further out of town. But it certainly is close to the airport : (another motel is going in even closer to the airport : ) And it's on the road to Northstar. It's maybe 3 miles out of old-town. The local bus stops there (TART).
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I had to look it up!! And after reading a definition I am still not sure if I am offended??

From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:

Pedantic \Pe*dan"tic\, Pedantical \Pe*dan"tic*al\, a.
Of or pertaining to a pedant; characteristic of or
resembling, a pedant; ostentatious of learning; as a
pedantic writer; a pedantic description; a pedantical
affectation. ``Figures pedantical.'' --Shak.

From WordNet r 1.6 [wn]:

adj : marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning
especially its trivial aspects [syn: {academic}, {donnish}]

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Don't worry

No offense intended. I was simply pointing out that if the Best Western isn't in Truckee, it isn't in Truckee by very much given that the town border isn't very obvious. I happen to think that it is in Truckee and that development is such that it has been integrated by all the building going on around it. Perhaps it's me who's being pedantic :
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MTT, thanks for the web links. very nice. TruckeeLocal, nice for you to clarify. (were you perhaps going for "semantic"??) Sping, yes, of course. (argentina, that'd be your fall, no? a perfect time to get ready for your next season.) cheers
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Extended drought is indeed the major weather risk of the Sierra. The best way to cope with that at any time of year is to shift more of the trip to Mammoth, or secondarily Kirkwood, assuming an adequate snow base. Snow preservation is conspicuously superior at these areas vs. the rest of Tahoe.

If the North Tahoe areas are of main interest, I'm not sure I would recommend spring. The transition to spring conditions is swift, while from December to February the surface will stay packed powder for a while. If the drought extends more than a week or so, then you will start seeing the hardpack/boilerplate midwinter, while in spring you will still get some good skiing by following the sun.

Since you're not that picky about where you stay, it might make sense to remain flexible and go for the best conditions when you arrive. Sold out lodging is only an issue on holidays and a few peak weekends. There are also seasons when the storms track more north or south. In 2004-05 the trend was strongly south.
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My pleasure but that was some work. The internet has made looking @ what you are getting into much easier. The links I posted are all old well established Lodges that I have seen / stayed in or heard nothing negative about. (I grew up on the North shore of Tahoe). When it comes to the South Shore (I am just another Tourist) so I would not have personal knowledge about the quality of any of the hundreds of Motel/ Lodges there.

Of note to Travelers: When staying on the North Shore: You really need to have a private vehicle. There is no easy, affordable, frequent Shuttle Service Running between the Reno Air Port and the North Side of the Lake. Reliance on public transportation will cause a level of stress and frustration that you just don’t what to deal with while on vacation.
The exact opposite when staying on the South Shore, Public transportation is recommended to get to and from the Air Port. Shuttle service is good to and from almost anywhere.
If you want to rent a car to move around while in Tahoe you can do that right from the Hotel Casino where you are staying.

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Originally Posted by skicougar
actually, local. i do know about the chutes, but theyre relatively new. before that, mt. rose was just another mountain. word hasnt gotten out to far about 'em yet, so it's hard for me to try and sell someone on them.
i got jazzed up over all the press when peak 7 opened on breckenridge couple of years ago until i skied it.
sugarbowl is good and so are northstar+ mt. rose, but they are not the must ski mountains like the others. no one has yet to give me a hard time for going to tahoe and not skiing sugarbowl.
Hey Cougar, would Heavenly's groomers be similar in BOREDOM to Peak 7 at Breck? I hope not.......!!!!
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