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Fischer Skis

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Does anybody know were I can find a review on the "Fischer XTR ski" I can't seem to find it listed anywere. Here's a link to the ski in question.

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Its a beginner/intermediate ski from last season or the season before. I have the older catalogues and could check to make sure of the year if you want.

Fischer makes many excellent skis. I'm don't know anything about the XTR but given their reputation for quality I suspect that it would be just fine for its intended use. I've been skiing on Fischer skis since I was a kid and like their characteristic smootness and durability.

I noticed that the only length available on the link you posted is 158cm. How big are you and about what is your your ability level?

Do you have your own boots? That is the first place to begin when buying equipment. If you search the archives here you can find everything you want to know (and more) about what to look for in a boot and bootfitter as well as custom footbeds.

If you happen to be just starting out, you might want to rent different skis first and find what appeals to you. Around April when the season in the USA begins to wind down there will be a lot of sales on the current season's equipment at 40-50% off.

If you are beyond the beginner/low intermediate level then I would look for more performance than you may find in the XTR. also sells various Fischer ski models as well as other brands.
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I did double check on the model year of the XTR and it is last season's model. I suspect it was aimed primarily at the rental market.

If you check Fischer's USA website some of their dealers listed have their own web sites and you can get further info from them on end of season sales and models.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks, I'll check out a few dealers.

P.S I'm from Australia, not that many ski shops online. I'll check a few O/S shops online for more info.
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