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Rick I's post on Rockets that mentioned moving the Pocket Rocket mounting point back stirred me to start a new thread.

I, my son, and my daughter all ski Rockets. We mounted them 1.5 cm back. I was especially willing to initially do this for myself as I previously had some Volants with the mounting point WAY BACK and thought a huge change might be too much. (For those of you who haven't heard, the Rocket mounting point is supposedly (???) a compromise between between optimal jibbing and free riding positions. So if you aren't jibbing many people say to move the mounting point back 1-2 cm).

We are now changing over to the Diamir Freeride binding and have another chance to consider mounting point. The fore-aft positioning of a binding is currently a somewhat hot topic of debate with a few studies underway. Peter Keelty (on his "members" site) has a short article reporting on his preliminary observations of a study done at Snowbird last year (performed by a manufacturer - results not out yet). From my understanding, one of the rules of thumb used (especially in racing?) is to put the ball of the foot on the center of the ski's running surface. I checked this out on the Rockets and it turns out that for my specific boot length if I mount the center boot point at the marked spot on the ski I will pretty much be aligned in this fashion. Thus, now that I have skied the Rockets for a year already well forward of where I was on my previous skis (and liked it) and given the concept of ball of foot on center of running surface, I am going to mount our new bindings at the manufacturer's mark on the ski.

Of course if you get the appropriate Atomic or Tyrolia bindings you can play with the fore-aft position for yourself and empirically determine your optimal mounting position.