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I occasionaly watch when I'm stuck somewhere and there's nothing else on.
Tonight, for the second time I've watched, they interviewed Danica Patrick BEFORE they talked to the winner.
What's up with that? I know she's a big item right now but at least give the winner his/her due first.
I saw a comment by Jenson Button, who used to race with her in Europe, and he said he didn't think she'd do well in F-1. I't probably get more attention in the US though.
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Danica Patrick is driving really, really well these days, and Tony George (IRL chairman) is hoping to boost ratings by emphasizing the possible "giant killer" that Patrick may be. She raced the snot out of the Indy 500, and her team (Letterman-Rahal) is probably the best in the IRL.

If Danica Patrick brings some fans to IRL and Indy Car racing, that's great - to me, it sure beats the hell out of NASCAR (a sport I can't stand, though I do love it when Jeff Gordon wins and then the more "traditional" NASCAR fans whine because some California-born interloper is pissing on their turf - like LeMond when he won his first Tour de France). If NASCAR went away, I truly wouldn't miss it.

But truth be told, I still think of the IRL as a somewhat "illegitimate" league, and hope that they "make nice" with CART's Champ Car league soon. Back when CART was ruling the roost, the quality of drivers was much, much better. Tony George got pissy and started the IRL, and it's miraculous that it's survived (and my guess is that it's almost solely on the Indy 500's clout, not due to the racers or racing).

And if you want to go further, I'm a bigger fan of F1 and rally driving.

And further still, I'm a bigger fan of UCI pro cycling.
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F-1 is still the top of motorsport. I am not a "hard-core" cycling fan. Not because I don't respect it, I just don't get enough time to really follow it.
See my post in the "Drifting" thread on NASCAR.
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