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Go west young man! Having been to both many times(no kids though) I can see where Snowshoe could be slightly better for the kids apres ski, but if skiing is even 5 percent of the reason for the trip you've got to go to Snowbird and as many have said, it may very well be cheaper as Snowbird usually has a kids ski free deal. The only thing I would caution is that Snowbird has virtually ZERO beginner terrain. If the kids are just starting out you can catch the free bus up to Alta which would offer better beginner terrain off the Albion & Sunnyside lifts.
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We spend several long weekends per year at Snowshoe just for the fact it’s close (4hrs) … for 3 days of getting away from it all with friends, its just fine and the kids ski school is terrific. But I would never spend a whole week there, much less Christmas week! It’s a grossly overpriced, overcrowded zoo! If you need confirmation of Snowshoe holiday conditions just check www.dcski.com … a local Med Atlantic forum.

I also would recommend going west and Utah is probably a good place to go for the holidays. Choose Snowbird.
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That was the only thing I wasn't sure about . Beginner terrain at Snowbird. Why not consider Alta or Park City?
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Originally Posted by BillA
Did you ever get to Mt. Creek?
Was there when it was Vernon Valley.
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Originally Posted by jgiddyup
...Snowbird usually has a kids ski free deal...
So does Brighton (for kids 10 and under....) They also have some excellent beginner and easy intermediate terrain. They also have many young snowboarders (FWIW).

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Originally Posted by Lonnie
So does Brighton (for kids 10 and under....) They also have some excellent beginner and easy intermediate terrain. They also have many young snowboarders (FWIW).

The kdis & I went to UT last Nov. We loved Brighton-didn't have a probelm with snowboarders. The kids weren't thrilled with Snowbird.
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Weogio ... you just made me cringe! Never, ever, ever consider the trade off of going to Snowbird, Alta aka SLC slopes as remotely close to Snowshoe. While Snowbird is not a beginner's mountain, located close by are Brighton, and Solitude. Solitude is a pretty sweet cruiser mountain. In December we paid $39.00 at Brighton for all-day tickets, including night skiing. At Snowshoe you won't even get to smell a ticket for that price.

Loading up the goods, and flying to SLC lands you in SLC before noon. Park City, upon presenting an airline boarding pass stub gives you a half-day pass to the slopes. Trust me, as I've made both trips to SLC and Snowshoe ... the SLC trip is far, far more rewarding than Snowshoe.
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Man, you guys saved me from making a big mistake. Soooooo many better and cheaper lodging choices. Charts show that green terrain is about the same between Alta, Snowbird, and Brighton. Surely there are shuttles between the different mountains?

If it goes well, its Christmas and Spring Break. Sprinkle in a few weekends at Beech Mtn and that will be a wrap...about 18 days of skiing each year...not bad for a middle class family of five in Atlanta!:

A weeklong pilgrimage to CT/NYC with the in-laws for Fourth of July. One week in Tampa/DisneyWorld over Thanksgiving. Life is not bad!

Now...Mommy and Daddy need some new skis
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You know Ridge,

If you are paying for lodging when heading to New England, maybe you should push some numbers and look at a trip to Salt Lake City. The cost of driving ain't what it used to be. Using an austerity budget to go West, you might be surprised. A justifying mind would make the numbers work, even if they don't!
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Originally Posted by Fotofriend
We loved Brighton-didn't have a probelm with snowboarders.
Yeah, that's why the "FWIW" was in there. The young snowboarder thing is hit/miss. There seem to be many more that cause you "trouble" (in the loose sense of the word) than in the day time/during the week. I wouldn't really let it stop me from going there (I've personally never had trouble there, but where I ski isn't where they like to hang out), it's just something I like to let folks know about in advance....

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Always take trail charts with a large grain of salt. Trail difficulty ratings are relative within each ski area and NOT on an absolute scale. For first timers Chickadee is the only appropriate terrain at Snowbird. Alta and Brighton have much more.
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I've been to Snowshoe about 5 or 6 times and always thought that I had hit it on a bad day. I finally (I'm a slow learner) realized that Snowshoe Western Territory is always icy and the rest of the place is flat. The runs are crowded. The place is over priced. Worst is that the staff are required to take a class in "Arrogance and How to Irritate Customers." I think that they all passed the class too.

I've never had a bad day anywhere else and never had a good day at Snowshoe.
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