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Rollerblade vs rollerski

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Anyone done both? Which felt more like skiing? Did your ski boots need softening on the streetskis?
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Many people have done both, I'm not among them. Rollerski feels like nordic skiing. Rollerblade feels like alpine skiing. My ski boots need softening.
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Sorry I am talking about a product called "Streetskis". They resemble long inline skates but with a marker binding on the top. I rollerblade and it is similar to skiing but the short edge allows the skates to come around much faster than skis.
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Search out the thread(s) on Harb Carvers. You use alpine ski boots with Carvers also, people who tried them say they are much better than rollerblades for simulating ski turns. I think some one mentions Streetskis in that thread. Don't recall if they had actually used them. I think your boots will be soft enough. Summer temps will soften the plastic considerably.
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A plug for rollerblades.
They may not exactly simulate Skiing. (Blading is harder) requires better balance and small muscle control (The same thing) If you put in about 100+ hours rollerblading over the summer/ Fall you will show up on the slopes in very good shape. Strong knee's,ankles, and core. You will have exelent balance, and fast reflexes. Who cares if you are not simulating ski technique while rollerblading, besides being a fun (Dangerous) way to get some exercise, you are developing all the strength and balance skills required to be a great skier.

I Blade but not as much as I should
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If you want to buy high quality of rollerski, you must look et these models of rollerskis: marve, elpex, swenor and skiathlon rollerski from rollerskiathlon. Some of these classic and skate models have composite frames.

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