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Sleeper Ski's

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Does anyone have an opionion about these?? I think there kinda cool.
Atomic GS:11 w/ SX:11 Top-sheet Race Room Prototype Skis - 188cm long
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=21243&item=7159395 046&tc=photo

"In Factory Wrap" Atomic R:11 w/ SX:11 Top-sheet Race Room Hybrid Skis - 180cm long
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=21243&item=7159342 687&tc=photo
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The first one seems to be some rather strange experiment since there was/is no (official) GS:11 or SX:11 with dimensions like that.
Therefore it´s hard to say what is exactly inside (sure, some Beta) and what the ski is like. To my taste it would be buying a cat in the bag.
Which doesn´t mean the ski couldn´t be perfect.
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I think the ski is two years old?? I just thiught they were kind of cool. I would like to get a high performance GS ski with a reall low model top sheet. I think that would be fun. GS11 with c-7 top sheet? (GRIN)

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yeah the ski is 2 years old... Atomic made them for their athletes to free ski on ; so it looks like they are on the "real" skis...

While I can not comment to those particular skis, we just bought a pair of DH skis off of that dude for my bear...she wanted a longer pair for the really fast set DH courses, but did not wnat to break the bank to get them... They came in a matter of days & were a killer deal for a speed ski, good quality too
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Thanks for the feed back on Denver wholesale skis. They have so much stuff on there site, I figure I am going to buy somthing from them sooner or later.

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I am also looking at NEW "In Wrap" 2004 Atomic AFT: BIG DADDY Skis, 193cm long (only length made) with Ride 614 Big Daddy Bindings.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7149587611&ssPageName= MERC_VI_RSCC_Pr4_PcY_BIN_Stores

I was looking real hard for a Deal on Socki StormRider DP Pro (2005) The Black ones @186. But Not only can't I find a deal I can hardly find them!!

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^ That's expensive for those skis plus Atomic bindings, especially considering they are 2 years old, and they've been updated since then. If you're looking for a 186 DP, don't even bother thinking about a 193 Big Daddy, since both skis feel quite a bit longer (the newer Big Daddy's are different). There are better skis than both of those out there, you just need to be informed about them and expound on what kind of skier you are. Neither of those skis mentioned are very turny, so you might find the Dynastar Legend Pro or Volkl Explosive ideally suited, and the Explosive can be found fairly cheap. Of course, the PM Gear Bro Model also fits in perfectly into this group, but it isn't very popular around these parts.
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Sounds like you need to decide what type of ski you're looking for: there is a big jump between big daddys-sx 11s-rxs-Stolly DPs

No price is a deal if it's not what you really want
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I Want All Of Them
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Originally Posted by BakerBoy
^ . Of course, the PM Gear Bro Model also fits in perfectly into this group, but it isn't very popular around these parts.
Hey I just spent some time looking @ http://www.pmgearusa.com/bromodel/bromodelf.htm

Bro model Ski's They are the exact size and length I am looking for, (AMERICAN MADE) And from a company 10 miles from my house?? I think I have to give these serious consideration. Have you talked with anyone who owns, ski's these? The only thing I see about them that I don't like is the Baby blue top sheet. But looks are not supposed to be important (Right)??

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I would not call Atomics Sleeper Skis.

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Atomic Race room GS hybrids with SX11 skins would be a sleeper kinda?
I would still like gs11's with C-7 top sheets, that would be a wolf in sheeps clothing.
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I think that these might be skis made for Supercross competitors. I believe that many if not most of them use the GS ski with a topsheet that looks like the retail supercross ski just to promote sales of the supercross skis.
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