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Fischer race skis

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Iam A fischer race ski fan (gs) and was wondering about the slalom skis, I have skied the world cup sc but not the sl can any one tell me if next years sl is the same as this years? are the gs and rc skis the same skis from year to year (with a graffic change) . I have skiied the gs and the rc and can not tell the difference from year to year for each ski. the dimensions appear the same from year to year. it appears that fischer does not wont to fool with a goodthing.can anyone give me information about next years skis? are they the same as this years with the exception of a graffic change?
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They've tinkered a bit with the WC SC and the WC SL over the years. They were playing around with those obscenely long gate deflectors last year (like everyone else) to get around FIS regs, but I think they're going to have to redesign the ski in the next season or two to get the length and flex to work for a wider range of juniors.

The WC SLs (of various vintages) have been among the more demanding slalom skis I've skied. Not forgiving, but extremely fast and precise. I loved them, but only for a half-dozen runs before I got lazy and they made me regret it. The consumer race slaloms from various manufacturers are a little more forgiving, so I went that route. I may revisit them as my ability and stamina improves, but as a gates-only ski. The WC SC is a much better all-day ski, with the ability to handle some gates fairly well.
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My 140 pound kid loves his (166's), last seasons ski. Skis are straight sidewall and are marked R-14, 115-65-100 ...... A056, A055.

He didn't get to race them in the Sugar at Stowe ... got real sick, but he looked great in the gates the week before.

Are you from Hopewell ... hopwell?
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Yeap... the skis are staying the same. colors are changing a bit. Next season they will be black w/ some green lettering for the RC, SC, SL, gs

I have skied them for a few seasons ; best when the snow is firm, but them away when the snow gets pilely
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Actually the GS and SL sidecuts have been tweaked a little for this upcoming season according to Fischer.
GS 04-05 104-65-89.5
GS 05-06 103-66-88
SL 04-05 115-65-100
SL 05-06 115-64-100

The WC RC and WC SC both return, as was mentioned, with sidecuts unchanged.

As for other changes such as flex etc., will have to wait to hear more.

Fischer Race Catalog 05-06
Fischer Race Catalog 04-05
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