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Burke- the next developer

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They better not mess with Burke.

Or I'll send the Northeast Kingdom Yeti after them.
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That's the Hooded Yeti with a tree fetish, right?
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Will I be seeing Eric Estrada pushing lots around Burke any time soon?
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Acquiring the core ski area might have been a big undertaking for Burke 2000. If they are included in the limited partnership which will own the area maybe they can keep the place on track. If the ownership is just in the hands of a developer I have some worries about what is one of the nicest areas in the east. Burke's terrain, exposure, and ski community make it one of my favorite places. I hope nobody screws it up!
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Did else anyone ever race a Warren Witherall set course at Burke? One crank after another, back and forth, requiring all kinds of steering, stepping and suffering. I guess he was trying to teach us to carve on straight sided 207's.

I fantasize about going back to Burke in the 70's armed with my SL9's or metrons.
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I did ski some of Warren's courses in the late 60's in college. It was an experience. He was the first coach to put cants on my skis. Made all the difference in my performance.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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I went to summer race camp in the '70s with some kids from Burke Mt. Academy. Man, could they ski!
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Gear up for slopeside condos, preferred liftline cutting at a price, spendy trendy cuisine in the lodge, and parking fees.
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...and probably a new name; or as they say, "rebranding". Something 4-season like Skigolf Peak maybe.
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how did "NorthStar" work out for them????
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Here is some more information, direct from the mountain:


According to David Gwatkin, "Contingent on any deal was retaining the character of Burke. A significant part of that character is Burke's connection to its community. That connection was non-negotiable. It's safe to say, no matter what changes become of Burke, 5 or 10 years from now, you'll still recognize this place as Burke."
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Hello everyone. I would just like to add, Jamesdeluxe thank you very much for those images , there great.
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I'm fairly new here but I do pop in once in a while to see what is going on. I'm bumping up this old thread to give eveyone an update about what is going on at Burke.


Ginn real estate lost its shirt in the finacial collase of 2008 (it owned lots of property in Florida). Therefore, it no longer operates Burke Mountain. Instead, the mountain is now run by Crave Group Real Estate with finacial backing from a private US equity firm named Lubert-Adler. http://www.craverealestate.com/en/work/burke.php

The past couple of years have been pretty quiet. However, investment of mountain infrastructure has really started taking off within the last year. Last fall, the first lift served mountain bike trails opened on the lower mountain providing a great accent to the already popular Kingdom Trails. The trail offerings have been expanded this year and have been a big hit. I don't know the financial details but there are a lot of people at the mountain on summer weekends which is a good thing. 


The other big project is the installation of a High Speed Quad to the summit. This has been a long time in the making.


Burke HSQ Summit Construction


I have more info and pictures on this project (and the new wind tower at the summit) here:




You will want to start with the first posts about the lift from back in June.





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