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I've never hit someone but I've come close:
A class was zig-zagging across the full width of the slope so I skid staight down the very edge. Of course the teacher (without looking uphill) chose that exact time to not turn when he got near the edge. He carried on into the deep and stopped with a whole class spread out behind him. All I could do other than plough through them was ski off the edge, over a drop-off I didn't know. Luckily I was OK.

I have been hit by someone else though:
I was going home quite slowly at the very end of the day looking at the vue and the pink evening light on a totally empty mountainside when someone came from behind and to one side at great speed and wiped me out - sending me flying, Hurt my knee a bit (had to take the next day off). On a totally empty, wide piste!!! Pratt.

I once saw a bad collision in France: two skiers going fast at a merging of two pistes (There were warning signs but obviously neither took heed). One of them was unconscious and swallowing his tongue or his throat swelled up: I'm not sure exactly, but anyway he couldn't breathe and was going blue. One of our party, a woman doctor, had an angled tube in her first-aid pack, to put down the throat in just such a circumstance. She used it and almost certainly saved his life.
She had been carrying it for years and never used it.
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I've yet to have any serious collissions, a few near misses caused by erratic turners in places they shouldn't be. Two I almost caused in my reckless days though, the first was at Lake Louise during world cup on year, a friend and I were trying to get back to the mid lodge after watching some racing on coach's corner and figured we could tuck down wiwaxy a bit and then cut hard uphill (skiing up a trail), too bad some people were skiing down at the same time (who would have thought?) had to cut hard into the trees to avoid smacking some lady, good thing I had a helmet (was with racing club). Second was a few years before, jumping off the rock below the lift towers on Standish at Sunshine, the run out from the drop is into another run and some guy on Salomon 9E's (not sure how I remember that still) had to lift up a leg as I cut hard left to avoid a T-bone. He just kept going though, I thought he would be mad, although technically I was downhill from him.

Lesson 1) Don't stand below pitches, jumps, drops

Lesson 2) Don't let your kid stand below pitches, jumps, drops

Lesson 3) Slow down before going over pitches, jumps, drops so you don't run over people who ignore 1/2 and incurr undue liability
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cracked spine

My mother was skiing in Lech in the '50s; standing still at the end of a run before going in to eat at a lodge. bright day, wide open piste. someone smacked into her from behind and cracked her spine. never stopped to say i'm sorry. she never skied the same again.:

My cousin and his best friend skiing down the seldom open chutes at Winter Park. He takes the right side, his friend the left. and whammo, : turned right into each other. the only two on the slopes. go figure. luckily no one was hurt.

Squaw Valley season before last. Last day to play on the trip to Tahoe, snowing pretty hard, visability not that good, so was watching closely. No problems on the runs, but skiing the cat track at the top was run into by the same boarder - twice!. The first time it was no problem, but the second time I said, look here, the next time i'm gonna hit back!
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I have never hit anyone, but I've had plenty of close calls. Most were family's that felt stopping on a roller where they could not be seen was a good idea. I like to think spraying them with a huge cloud while taking evasive action has hepled to change their minds.

I've been hit 3 times, 2 of which were by out of control kids attempting to straightline a run in a snowplow. The other time was by my father who was following too closely and clipped my tails. No injuries in any of the collisions.

As far as trees go, I've had my tips go under a fallen tree once. Caught me completely by suprise, as I had let my guard down since I was following my friend. Turns out that he took off just enough snow for my ski to go under the log, threw me into a summersault. Luckily I was unhurt.
Another incident occured from a small tree going inbetween my skitips. For those familiar with Crested Butte, it was Tower 11. 2nd chute as you ski in from the cattrack, right below Paradise lift. I was tired and it was going to be my last run on the steeps for the day. As I made a gentle left turn at the enterence to the chute, I caught a small (1 inch diameter) tree right between my legs, ejecting me from my right ski. This sent me into a horizontal spin, flying about 2 feet off the ground, straight down the chute. (the chute is fairly steep) I had turned a full 180 degrees when my thigh slammed into a cluster of 3 pine trees. This reversed my spin, and I made a full 180 degrees in the other direction before ever hitting the ground. I then procedded to slide down the entire chute, where I discovered that the snowcover was about 3 inches. I took rocks, branches, and loose dirt down the chute with me. Upon reaching the bottom, I felt like I just got into a fight. My entire body was bruised and covered with dirt. I had a bruise on my leg the size of a basketball, and as if that wasn't enough, where was my ski? Yup, all the way at the top, my back biding latched squarely on the small tree that caused it all. I now have a policy of hitting this tree with my pole as I ski passed it.
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I sincerely hope the tree has learned its lesson. All local skiers will benefit.
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I sincerely hope the tree has learned its lesson.
Me too.
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very embarassing crash when I was a newbie newbie. I was going down a moderate slope trying to follow some expert friends and I lost control. My friend in front of me stopped turn around and I was so nervous at trying to turn that I ended up going straight hitting him flat on at full speed. Don't know how hard that was but it was pretty bad. Both of us took off in the air and I landed sideways and my neck got injure that way
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I've been hit a number of times. Once as a kid by someone landing a jump, who literally appeared out of the blue as I was skiing along. As a ski instructor, I had more close calls than I care to remember. Generally that visible expression of horror on your student's face is a pretty good clue something unpleasant is about to happen. I became pretty adept at reading those expressions of alarm and scooting out of the way. Once I was hit from behind and knocked out of my skis by a snowboard instructor. Somehow I managed to suppress the inclination to toss the little twerp into the woods. Probably the most unnerving recent experience was at a PSIA event at Killington taught by a former demo team member. We were constantly shifting this way and that, seemingly dodging loose bowling balls. There seem to be a significant number of people who regurlarly ski with only limited control whom I suspect feel their behavior to be acceptible. They seem annoyed to find other people where they did not expect to find them etc.
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