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As an engineer and sailor when you say no rotation my mind starts to wander in very nasty directions.
Just as I'd intended. The invention was all double entendre. (The sheepie lining is in all seriousness.)
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Evil, wicked, mean, and nasty; I think we can get along quite well here.

Amazing how something as innocent as asking about inventions runs down such double entendre rabbit trails as this one is. Must be summer and we have very few other things we like doing.
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On a more serious note:

Develop a video system for the slopes that you can trigger, ski through, then look at at the bottom. A more advance system could be set up for a Ski Instuctor to do a movement analysis. This might be a money making setup for a mountain. It could be done with electronic sensors and mostly automated equipment.

Put a buck in, make the run, get the video downloaded to you via the internet.

Think about setting these up for half pipes, kickers, "terrain features", etc. An automated NASTAR system that records your run. The ideas are endless. People would pay good money for a record of their ski trip that they could send to others.
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personally i would invent something for golfers 'cause those people will buy anything that supposedly "may" improve their game whereas skiers tend to wait 'til the "new" invention shows up disccounted at the local big box store or on ebay...
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