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11.20 - from k2MXP

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My PNW Atomic rep finally converted me. I've skied the K2MXP 188s for the last 2 years, skied the 11.20 three weeks ago and bought a pair of the 11.20s in a 180, NO mistake, I love them. Just got back from a weekend road trip from Mt. Baker and Whistler last night and put the 11.20s thru the full test. I still think the MXPs are some of the finest skis out there. They really do it all but with more of a GS bias. I'm comparing the MXP to the 11.20 like a Lexus to a Porsche. The 11.20s outshine the MXPs in short turn carves, bumps, trees, really anywhere I want to crank a shorter turn. I'm sure the MXP in a 181 would come close if not the same, but the 11.20 seems to have a lower swing weight allowing for less "work" in turning the ski. I guess that's important to me now more than ever, I'm 50, ex college racer / propatrol and want to keep my knees in good shape for the next 50 years - .
I mounted the Atomic 614 on the 11.20s and really notice the benefit of their mounting system. I really CAN feel the ski flex in the soft pack and pow. I really do not think you can go wrong with the 11.20. I thought that the 180 might be too short, the shortest ski I'd skied in 30+ years were the MXP in 188 and ya know the 11.20s in a 180 have all the stability and edge hold of the MXP in a 188. I do notice a little less platform to land on when coming into a landing tho. If you can find them - buy 'em. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Glad to hear that you have liked both of these great skis. I will give one caveat as to why the MXP/AXP is a bit better than the 11.20 (which I love!)...

I can choose my binding brand.

That is what put last season's 10.20 out of the running for me.
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