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Binding Question

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I have several extra pairs of bindings - M48 Titanium and a Sal 957 Composite - both DIN 4-12 in good shape, indemnifiable, etc - are there risers available for these if I am able to scarf a pair of midfats this summer? (I know some say "get new bindings, but the toy list is rather long at this point(superfeet, new Alp boots, Tele boots, surfboard etc etc etc etc) and I would rather use the $$ on something else THX!~
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Regardless of condition, bindings have a 5 year life. They might have sat in a box for 5 years, and never been used, but no ski shop can legally mount them for you. If they have been used, and are at the limit of their 'life', you might want to upgrade to new bindings, just for your safety. When the snow melts, it can get inside your bindings and start a nasty corrosion process. If the skis were carried to the slopes on a roof rack, road salts and grime have helped speed the wear-out process. It is your safety, so it is your decision.

All that said, you should be able to get risers for the bindings you listed. Worst case is get a 1/2" plastic cutting board from a kitchen shop and make your own.
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Either of those bindings should be fine. The ASTM test should be fine. Test each year to make sure they stay that way. I'm not sure of teh 5 year thing. It may be so. I'm going to find out and let you know. But yes, roof rack without protection can be nasty on bindings.

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That is not true that no shop will mount them - my local shop wil mount anything on the indemnifiable list published my the industry (I have SEEN the list myself and they are both listed) - that is if he has the jig for it (He mounted up some M46's on rock skis for me) - saying a binding has a 5 year shelf life is just some shops way of selling new bindings...I would consider the M48 one of the most durable bindings ever made..
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on the 5 year thing, The Mfg may only support them for 5 years after which they will not warranty or take responsibility for their safety. Thus the shops are not willing to take the risk or their insurance provider may tell them not to mount them. Don't think it's a legal issue as much as a liability issue and policy that some shops just don't want to take any chances.
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5 yrs is a general answer that works some of the time, manufacturers have what they call a indemnified sheet, only bindings on this list can be worked on and the shops will still be following mfr guidelines. This is not the bindings warr period tho, just model life.
generally a mfr will "retire" a model within 5-7 yrs. just have a shop check the list, and you will have your answer.
just so you know the binding being on the list does not mean that it is safe and in working order, that will be determined by a tech, with testing.
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