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non skiing things to do

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So, your out in Utah havin a great time. Your taking a break from skiing for a day or so, you have hit all the great resturants and bars, you have gone snowmobling for a day, you have wore out the inner tube,plastic sled not to mention your self from pulling the kids up hill all evening long.
How about checking out the New 2002 Winter Olympics Museum located at the Olympic Park in Park City.
read here for more info
I haven't been to it yet, but plan a stop on my way thru PC, the next i go thru the area.
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I have seen the sign for the museum. It is just outside Kimble Jct. But you need a car to get to it. Its 2Miles of the main road into PC. Up by the Ski Jump and Bob sled course. The Bus does not go near it.

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Yes i know about the road. I have been there during the summer to wathc the Summer Freeestyle Airels. A two mile walk wouldn't hurt me either.
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