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A Place Like Estes Park?

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A Place Like Estes Park?

About 20 years ago as a young lad I camped out at Estes park by this RAGING RIVER! It was awesome.

Now I’d like to take the family out there but I hear Estes has become rather commercialized. Looking for visiting a few different parts of Col.


Any fellow ski instructors from Col able to give the scoop on where we might go to get the same effect?

We enjoy hiking intimate terrain like Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas if you 'v ever been there.

Having a RAGING CREEK by would be great.

We could camp or stay and drive. Just really want to do the Col thing in the summer with the family.

Or if you got any ideas for a 5 - 8 day stay let me know...


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The raging river was probably Big Thompson River. Estes is a fairly crowded bustling place in the summer because it is at one of the main gateways to Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park, and is one of the most scenic places in the world. There are lots of places around Estes where you can get away from the crowds and enjoy the experience you remember. Choices range from renting a cabin to camping as you indicated. Crowds are concentrated downtown and in RMNP at the Bear Lake, Moraine Park and Trail Ridge areas, You can still enjoy RMNP experience with fewer crowds by seeking out less traveled corridors. Accomodations along Fall River Road (US35), Moraine Avenue (SR66) are out of town, quiet and very nice.

A couple alternative ideas for you. The Allen's Park or Meeker area which is south of Estes is much more laid back and gives good access to the RMNP from the Longs Peak and Wild Basin accesses. Also Indian Peaks Wilderness and Brainard Lake Recreation Area is very worthwhile.

Another option is to set up camp on the Western slope in Grand Lake, Granby or Winter Park areas. If you are going as a family, the YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby offers camping or lodging with lots of different activities, as well as access to RMNP and other Areas. On the other hand, you can still rent cabins along Big Thompson in Drake, CO just outside Estes, and only deal with the crowds when you go to town.
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Thanks for the post!
Just the kinda stuff I'm looking for. I'll be getting out the map and checking it out. Also thanks for the YMCA wab site, looks like a nice resource.

Thanks again,

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