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It is good to be back

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I posted regularly on these forums two years ago. I left for a while, and I had a stroke in September of 04. I, likewise, did not ski at all last winter. I miss it very much, and it is great to see that some of you (Lisamaree) are still around.
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Only a member for six months Broke, but welcome back to a very informativ, lively and fun board. Hope all goes well with your recovery!
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Thanks jgiddyup. Yes, I remember that Epicski was very lively, and most of the forumers treated you like family. This is a great site, and it is good to be back! BTW, I still have my Epicski bumper sticker on my truck!
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Welcome back.
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Brokedown, glad you are doing well and welcome back. Where in Denver are you, I do not remember.
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I live in Westminster, but I will soon be moving to Seattle. My family lives up there, so I thought I would give the city a shot. And, the company that I work for (Barton Protective Services) has a branch up there.
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Had been wondering?

Now I bet the hard part is just learning to relax!
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Welcome back.
good to see you back and know you survived such a tough time in your life.
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Welcome back, and I'm glad you pulled through. I'm living in Dillon now, so we'll have to have a Colorado summer get together!
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Great to hear from you LM! How do you like Dillon? It's a great town!
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Welcome back, Brokedown!
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I rememeber your nom de guerre, welcome back! Hope you can get back on the slopes!
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Most of the old gang is still here arguing about the same things, so besides some fun, you didn't miss much,,,

Stay well...

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LOL, some things never change.
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I am new, but am glad to hear that you're recovering. I hope you will be able to ski again soon. After my uncle had his stroke, he couldn't wait to get back on skis. It was tough, but he did it, slowly but surely.

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Welcom back BdP. Glad you're still with us. Congrats on the future move. The skiing is much better out there than at our local mid atlantic "mountains".
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Woah Brokedown, I'm sorry to hear about your stroke. It appears that you're recovering well. I've often wondered what happened to you. I just figured you moved on. Us deadheads gotta stick together. I hope you get back on skis this winter. It's good to have you back.
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Glad to hear you still have your jones for skiing, BP--I wish your recovery, patience and perseverance will be rewarded with great PNW snow next season.
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Thanks to all you guys for your support. I will always have the jones for skiing. I enjoy Summer (uh, oh, bad word around here), but I can't wait to be back on my skis again. Should have gone to A Basin or Loveland when the snow was stable. I heard I missed out on a pretty good snow year too. Damn!
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