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to "chan" i just wrote to a shrink in stanford to get you in a jacket - if they get you maybe you learn something but "winetasting"
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Boy that link is a waste of bandwidth and time.
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Isn't that a personal attack that should be deleted? In both posts? Not disagreeing, just wondering...
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saudan - compared with the mauling bernhard got at TGR, dchan's response is perfectly reasonable.

Can you imagine the fight between them though:

dchan - administrator, 5293 posts vs. bernhardfranz - newbie, 6 posts.

I know who my money would be on.
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May I politely suggest that you redesign your website so it
1. Doesn't take so long to load (do this by reducing background images etc)
2. Doesn't have so much spyware behind it
3. Has some form of index or home page, with links to pages containing a FEW photographs, better still, links to pages with thumbnails, which can then be clicked on to view individual, full size photos.
4. Uses fonts which are legible (again, consider using plain background colours)
5. Does not have scrolling links over images.
6. Learn from others, and take advice from them - particularly administrators of websites.
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who's the girl with the mustache being used as the backround?
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I thought it was Osama...
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