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Just looked in on this thread, best wishes to her for a complete and speedy recovery.
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Lars - Trust things are continuing to go well?
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going well Jimmy, she is just misrable with the neck immobilizer she must wear for another week now. Then she is allowed to take it off for some periods of the day. It's been hot here.Thank God for the swimming pool we have. Thanks for the concern.
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My apologies on being so late. Best Wishes for a great recovery.....
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The neck immobilizer must be off by now. How's it going?
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Glad to hear all went well....best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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Just saw this thanks to UL's post. My best wishes and prayers for continued recovery.
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She's doing great and thanks for the concerns. She has her neck brace off and now uses a soft brace from time to time. Kind of funny how small her neck looked. All her muscles there have regressed. Trying to strengthen them now will be a slow process. She is finally able to do some in her gardens. She has thousands of dollars in perrenials and they have needed tlc especially with the dry weather we've been having. Still can't drive yet.

Your prayers and concerns have been welcomed. Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts. Her goal is to be able to ski this Winter. Looks like that might be possible now.
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The human body is a remarkably resilient thing and it's ability to heal itself is mind boggling!

If she loves gardening and is able to do that again, that's going to help her progress even more. Good Girl!
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