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Midfats wide enough for cat skiing? - Page 2

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The snowcats didn't go anywhere near the resort. We took a 30 minute ride in a van to hook up with the snocats; the only thing close to the resort was the company's retail location.

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Gotcha. I imagine you went up near Rabbit Ears pass? There's some great backcountry skiing up there.
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I think it's obvious that the consensus here is to go fat, but I throw in my own 2 cents anyway...

Last year I took my first trip out west. Spent 4 days in Utah.

As would be typical for me, I read as much as I could about skiing powder, and decided to go fat, for many of the advantages stated in this post. I am 5'6" and 135 lbs. I decided on 169cm Seth Pistols.

First 2 days at Alta and Snowbird were unfotunately not that wonderful,(but still quite fun,) due to a severe lack of snow.

Days 3 and 4 at Solitude were completely different. 14 inches overnight on both days.

I had 3 friends with me, all whom have skied deep powder before, but this was to be my first truly deep powder experience.

Bottom line -

It took all of 3 turns to get a good feel for the deep stuff, and just a few runs to dial in my stance, fore/aft wise. Never had any problems keeping up with my friends. Never had a problem getting going after a fall or from resting.

We skied lots of trees, including quite a few runs in Honeycomb Canyon.

I think my friends we a bit jealous seeing what an easy time I had, not to mention the huge rooster tails that these particular skis throw up!

Go fat.

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Forgot to mention - SPs are 95mm underfoot.

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Originally posted by oboe:
I've skied powder up to my a$$ in the company of people who wore blue jeans and used old fashioned pencil skis - and they skied circles around me.

Nevertheless, why fart around? Rent the fat boys.
I was at Island Lake Lodge in February '96 with 2 hardcore skiers from Ontario. They both had 215 cm stiff pencil skis with them. The guides wanted to put them on the soft 'fat boys' that everyone else was using. They wanted to use their own skis, and with gentle smirks on their faces, agreed to switch to the fatboys if they 'held anyone up'

Needless to say, those two guys poached the tightest, steepest lines, and were first to the bottom on every single run of the day ... usually by a huge margin. While one of them was clearly fatigued by the end of the day, the other guy never broke a sweat and could have done another 30,000 feet that day.

They wore huge grins the whole day - getting the most faceshots by a wide margin [img]smile.gif[/img]
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