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Anyone on Blizzard Skis?

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Why do we never hear much about Blizzards in this forum? I know they had distribution problems in the US for some time, but understand that has improved but it appears that few people use them. They seem quite popular in Europe and have a small market in Australia. again due to limited distribution more than anything else I think.

I've only owned Blizzards since I started buying skis some 5 years ago and have been pretty satisfied, particularly since they introduced the new construction in the Sigma range.

I now have a 2 year old Sigma r26 which is a GS and an new FR18 which is the 2002 (in Australia anyway-we tend to be a season behind)all-mountain twintip. Have demoed these and can't wait to try them in Whistler in January.
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By any chance have you spoken to anyone who has tried the Titan FR or have access to it to give us some details???
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Haven't seen the Titan FR in Oz, but that's not surprising given its 120/82/103 dimensions making it a specialist for deep powder.

Peter Keelty has this to say about it:
"Ultra wide deep snow ski, remarkably solid carver on the groomed. Very tough in bumps, and other tight places, but a superb floater with good hard snow manners."

See web page
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FYI, there is also a very short review of the Titan in Skiing's "2001-2 Ski Guide" along with some reasonably good letter grades (for what they may be worth).

Sportsden has a short blurb on it:

and a guy from there recently emailed me some info:

1) The Titans are apparently about 4 oz per ski heavier than a 10ex of the same length (but not as heavy as a G4);

2) The forebody is slightly softer than a 10ex of the same length, but the aft section is as stiff, or perhaps even more stiff than the 10ex.

3) Again, comparing it to a 10ex of the sme length, its wider tip (120~82~103) and softer forebody flex is likely to make it even more turny than the 10ex, so it may be good in shorter lengths in the trees.

However, I would be worried about the huge difference between tip and tail width. Seventeen mm is larger than almost any ski on the market, and I would worry about the tail bogging down in pow. The (computed) total surface area for the Titan is almost exactly the same as that of a 10ex of the same length.

I was initially interested in the Titan, but I eventually went with the herd and ordered a 10ex. The latter was a known quantity which has gotten stellar reviews, and which I demo'ed (but only for an hour at the end of last season).

Hope this helps,

Tom / PM
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