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Yankees Suck

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not that there's anything wrong with that.

beat by a fat-assed drunk then swept (speaking belatedly of brooms ) by a minor league team.

is giambi gonna wear keds now that nike's droppin' his ass like a dirty syringe?

bring da smack whatcha got; i could go for some cyber batting practice.

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Big Johnson can't get it up! hahaha!
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His parents had to have a hell of a sense of humor! Randy (UK for horny) ... Johnson!

My wife set up her friend pretty good at her birthday party this year. I picked up a NY shirt with the Johnson blaze on the back ... got her a large.

When sho opened the box (big NY fan) .... thrilled but exclaimed "it's a bit large" ... wife's retort was "but you said you always wanted to try a large Johnson".
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Pavano .... Brown .... ???? It ain't only Johnson!
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Maybe we can bring Goose Gossage out of retirement...
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loozeeanna lightnin'

i bet ron guidry could still come in and embarrass a lefty or two.
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yanks in big trouble

yep Ryan, you are correct! I didn't like pavano one bit, reminded me of suppan, no good for the american league. Thank goodness we lost that battle.... As a huge bosox fan I am further encouraged by the fact that I don't know what George can do to fix it.....there is no one out there to buy(maybe ben sheets/who isn't exactly hot right now??) and from columbus down the yanks got 0. George traded the farm away. sox will do anything to prevent clemens to ny....that'll be fun to watch. Meanwhile the sox are dripping with prospects....it is a beautiful thing. Pedroia, Ramirez and all those pitchers in portland are the real deal. One worry tho, I think the o's might be for real....we'll see....I think the angels and twins are dangerous too....chisox gonna fade as will the jays....sox vs angels this w/e should be a further indicator....

swept by the royals and the drays, it can't be worse....
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A-Rod's gonna have another huge year...that won't mean a damn thing. Seems a matter of time before George makes a move. Don't know who has no-trade contracts but aside from Jeter and Johnson and Rodriguez, I gotta think anyone is liable to be moved. It's hardly over but these Yankees do seem to be adrift.

Here's to George doing something out of spite.
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I always had a sneaky feeling that the Roger and Andy show had it all planned. They would hang Big Georgie out till the last moment and then head home to Texas to have a little fun before retirement.

Must be nice to be that $$$$$ and put the joke on Ca$hman and $teinbrenner!
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I think all of you morons are jumping the gun a little bit. A month ago they're sitting at 11-18 and everyone is counting them out. They win 15 of 17 and then everyone is suddenly afraid of their pitching staff and their offense. Now they get swept by the Royals and the tides turn again. When are you (specifically Red Sox fans) going to realize that its a 162-game season and you can't ever count anyone out? Hell, the Sox and the Yanks are less than 6 games out with over 100 games left- no one is out of it.

(but being a Yankees fan I admittedly hate the deal Steinbrenner, er, I mean Cashman, made for Johnson. Look at Javy and Halsey now.)
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MISTER moron to you.

162 games? really? i had no idea.

wow. thanks.
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that does not surprise me much ....ryan...

long time till October:
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I am greatly disheartned by the fact that I cannot craft any kind of crack back to the observations of my LALA land friend. The Yankees do suck and I am most perplexed.

With that said, as soon as they win a few in a row, things will change and I will once again revert to my obnoxious self.
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in other words

''wait til next year.''
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Go Mets!
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How about this stat:
"The Yankees are 0-for-their-last-25 with the bases loaded, the longest such streak since the DH was introduced in 1973."
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that's a staggering stat, deluxe

i believe that neither have they won A SINGLE GAME in which they scored three runs or less.

think i heard that right.
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and the strong get stronger....

bosox draft 2 of the best players avail, ellsbury and hansen.....both will likely go right to portland to join the cast of future stars.....ny city fans know who hansen is, the best prospect in the area....6'6 and throws smoke.....don't be surprised if he is setting up for foulke next spring(if foulke is still around) yanks? well who'd they get.....? the bronx house of cards is falling.....and the flag flies at fenway:.....yikes

only problem with hansen = boras(no worries sox are dripping with cash, all those sales of wseries stuff)

btw hansen and ellsbury are direct compensation for lowe and cabrera...via hollywood and disneyland.....further sweetness!
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